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Hulu on gingerbread

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  1. Adlebo

    Adlebo Well-Known Member

    With froyo I flashed a zip which altered adobe flash and allowed me to play hulu video on my epic. However since we got updated to gingerbread that method didn't work anymore and made the phone unbootable. But I came across this post*[MOD] Hulu Hack 10.3/GB - xda-developers
    *in which they seemed to make hulu work with gingerbread as well. My question for you guys is, I'm not sure if I can flash that zip being that I'm just on stock rooted gingerbread. I saw something mentioned about a requirement of a kernel that supports something which I didn't understand!. Do you think I can flash this zip without flashing a custom rom? Thanks!

  2. V.Lee

    V.Lee Well-Known Member

    Don't know if this helps since I'm not rooted. I'm using an app called "flash video browser" that plays Hulu etc.
  3. jimweda

    jimweda Well-Known Member

    And where do you get that, at the app market? TIA.

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