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Hybrid Case/Screen protector help! Samsung Galaxy SII SkyrocketTips

Cases/Screen Protector

  1. Otterbox Commuter

    1 vote(s)
  2. Seidio Active

    2 vote(s)
  3. CaseMate Tough

    1 vote(s)
  4. SGP

    0 vote(s)
  5. Realook

    0 vote(s)
  6. Zagg

    0 vote(s)

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  1. Josh170

    Josh170 Member

    Hello, i'm Josh from South Jersey. I decided to join this forum because I always end up coming to this website.
    I am coming form an Otterbox Defender for my Samsung Galaxy sII Skyrocket LTE for AT&T. I've had multiple problems with this case. I have warrantied the defender case 2 times already.
    *For one, the screen protector is horrible.
    *Two, the silicone had teared on the headphone jack cover.
    *Three, dust gets into the case through the cutout for the front facing camera and speaker. Which is annoying because I have to take apart my case every 3 days.
    The case is huge and it feels like you're holding a brick, but the protection is phenomenal. I think it's overkill but it might be good for some people. In my situation, it really isn't necessary. So I want a thinner case that will still protect my phone. Otterbox has great customer service, too.

    So, I need your help guys, I have narrowed it down to these 3 hybrid cases. Other suggestions will be taken into consideration. I would want to know why you would pick it. Which out the the 3 is the strongest & thinnest?
    1) Otterbox Commuter
    2) Seidio Active
    3) Casemate Tough

    I also need a screen protector. Here are some that i'm looking into. Which out of these are good with glare, finger prints, scratch resistance, clarity (retina display and rainbow effect) and installing?
    1) SGP (What is the difference between the 3?)
    -Crystal Clear
    -Ultra Fine
    -Ultra Oleophobic
    2) Realook
    -Crystal clear
    3) Zagg

    All help is greatly appreciated.


  2. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor Moderator

    Post moved to correct section

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  3. Iamdunne

    Iamdunne Well-Known Member

    Not a fan of screen protectors at all. Have tried zagg before and they do scratch. As far as the cases I have the casemate and think it is just right.
  4. nesto1

    nesto1 Well-Known Member

    1) SGP (What is the difference between the 3?)
    -Crystal Clear
    -Ultra Fine
    -Ultra Oleophobic

    Ok, not sure about the others but on these in the same order listed

    Crystal clear - is just that, a standard clear protector. No anti glare coating, no fingerprint resistance but I ahve heard they are easy to clean.

    Ultra Fine - This is the finger resistant/anti glare version. Just note that most of these kind will have more of a matte finish to them.

    Ultra Oleophobic - This is an oil resistant clear protector. It will help with finger prints but no anti glare as it is as clear as the crystal clear version.
  5. Josh170

    Josh170 Member

    @nesto1, which would you prefer?
  6. nesto1

    nesto1 Well-Known Member

    Pesonally I prefer the antil glare/finger print screen protectors.

    I am currently running the Moshi one they sell at the ATT store.
  7. glock19er

    glock19er Member

    Boxwave makes the best screen protector IMO.
    Easy to install, easy to remove and clean. You can get crystal clear or anti-glare.
    Ive used them on about 17 different phones. Cut perfect everytime.
  8. igga

    igga Active Member

    I just bought the zagg invisible shield yesterday. I'm returning it tomorrow. The texture of the material takes away from the screen sharpness (slightly), the grippy texture makes Swyping and other finger motions a pain and the protector seems to attract dust. Also, the fitment is sub-par. The protector doesn't go as close to edges as I would like
  9. Josh170

    Josh170 Member

    Does the SGP Anti Glare(Ultra Fine) take away any clarity, light refraction, distortion, rainbow effect, etc.?
  10. Iamdunne

    Iamdunne Well-Known Member

    My casemate was put to the test last night, placed phone on top of car while opening door went to grab it and phone slipped from my hands falling (seemed like slow motion) on to the asphalt bouncing on 3 corners! Case now is banged up a bit with small crack at one corner, with not a scratch to phone. :)
  11. Josh170

    Josh170 Member

  12. FE517

    FE517 New Member

    I'm using the OtterBox commuter and the Moshi screen protectors sold at AT&T store. Very happy with both. Although any/all screen protectors diminish brightness somewhat, it's acceptable and the touch functions are not impacted
  13. redrider67

    redrider67 Well-Known Member

    No screen protector on my phone, and I use the Seidio Active X case for it. I manage to drop my phone several times per day, not a scratch on the screen and the case is still perfect. I always have a micro fiber cloth in both cars and in the house so I'm always wiping my screen. I chose Seidio because I like to keep my phone close to it's original size and not bulky.
  14. FProphets

    FProphets Well-Known Member

    You should have gone with the commuter version. It's pretty sturdy without the bulk of the defender.

    The screen protector itself is eh I've replaced it twice cuz its kind of impossible to not get bubbles when you already put hands on your phone and there's dust floating around. The last application was worse than the original im thinking of just leaving it bare.

    Otterbox is really good with giving replacements though. I emailed them for a new protector and they sent me an entire new case.

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