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Hybrid Case/Screen Protector HELP!

Cases/Screen Protector

  1. Otterbox Commuter

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  2. Seidio Active

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  3. CaseMate Tough

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  4. SGP

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  5. Realook

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  6. Zagg

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Last Updated:

  1. Josh170

    Josh170 Member

    So, I need your help guys, I have narrowed it down to these 3 hybrid cases. Other suggestions will be taken into consideration. I would want to know why you would pick it. Which out the the 3 is the strongest & thinnest?
    1) Otterbox Commuter
    2) Seidio Active
    3) Casemate Tough

    I also need a screen protector. Here are some that i'm looking into. Which out of these are good with glare, finger prints, scratch resistance, clarity (retina display and rainbow effect) and installing?
    1) SGP (What is the difference between the 3?)
    -Crystal Clear
    -Ultra Fine
    -Ultra Oleophobic
    2) Realook
    -Crystal clear
    3) Zagg

    All help is greatly appreciated.



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