Hydro bloatware removed.

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  1. animejoe69

    animejoe69 Well-Known Member

    i'm new to all this but after some "stupid" issues i got my hydro rooted and the only thing it changed was my background pic. it set it to the defalt boost screen, didn't affect any of my apps i already had

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  2. Pappy62

    Pappy62 Well-Known Member

    I think I know what you're trying to say, but just in case - can you please type your questions from a computer instead of your phone?
    So many type on their phones - and frankly, between Auto-correct, and fingers too big for the Android keyboard... I just can't understand what many are asking.


  3. animejoe69

    animejoe69 Well-Known Member

    what app do you use to "freeze" an app?
  4. Pappy62

    Pappy62 Well-Known Member

  5. antpila33

    antpila33 New Member

    im thinkin maybe ill just stick to freezing an app till i can boot into clockwork.
    Using an app called root app delete to disable apps, everything mentioned above but i have noticed a lttle "slowness" at times when Holo launcher reloads, and had to pull the battery a couple times when opening a app before my widgets reappear all the way, froze up but could just be my phone.....maybe watching family guy in the shower is not what the had in mind when they said "waterproof"?
  6. C3Pdr0id

    C3Pdr0id Well-Known Member

    for hidden apps on the hydro how are they accessed or are they simply & purely bloatware?

    ie: MusicFX - I haven't found it yet (other than in Titanium)
    or some Live wallpapers which are not available to choose when changing wallpapers, ie: system/media/video/sunset.240p.mp4
  7. Grillz

    Grillz New Member

    how do i uninstall these programs? do i need a app to do it? im fully rooted but dont understand the uninstall process
  8. bigdog357

    bigdog357 Member

    u need a app like root explorer file manager
  9. bigdog357

    bigdog357 Member

    also make sure you do a backup first,and be careful what you remove,good luck.
  10. Tattooedgod

    Tattooedgod Well-Known Member

    have you been able to remove launcher and replace yet
  11. Trancenstuff

    Trancenstuff Active Member

    i froze it for a while and used holo launcher..but that didnt seem to help my battery any..of course i had just reset my battery stats and timing, i switched back. But other than the suspected battery drain i didnt have problems..but thats just me..
  12. Tattooedgod

    Tattooedgod Well-Known Member

    Yeah I'm a holo launcher fan. I usally switch the launcher to holo as long as it is still stable.
  13. Tattooedgod

    Tattooedgod Well-Known Member

    I know this is a something you add instead of removing but link2sd works which will give you more room. Confirmed with fat32 partition. No side effects
  14. Tattooedgod

    Tattooedgod Well-Known Member

    I'm using nova now and very much like hole
  15. Tattooedgod

    Tattooedgod Well-Known Member

    Try add juice defender ultimate works great for me 2.6x improvements get a go 8 hours on go usage
  16. Tattooedgod

    Tattooedgod Well-Known Member

    Removed launcher with no side effects as of yet. Done some memory tweaks still stable. And some kernel tweaks waiting to see what happens.
  17. Tattooedgod

    Tattooedgod Well-Known Member

    As anyone delved deeper into removing apps just haven't seen any new posts in awhile
  18. Wiesshund

    Wiesshund Well-Known Member

    Since the phone actually does not come very bloated stock, haven't removed much

    Its mostly vanilla.ics
  19. Tattooedgod

    Tattooedgod Well-Known Member

    Has anyone put new programs into system yet.
  20. Robertech

    Robertech Well-Known Member

    i've installed to '/system' (via "/system/app mover" from the play store)
    apex launcher
    notification toggle

    (will edit when more are moved as needed)
  21. Tattooedgod

    Tattooedgod Well-Known Member


    1. Apex launcher
    2. Rom toolbox pro
    3. Fx file manager
    4. Replaced gallery with QuickPic

    With same app mover

    Will update If I add more
  22. Robertech

    Robertech Well-Known Member

    removed the stock sms texting app (mms.apk) since i like GOsms pro far better. hit a snag when i realized i was unable to send/receive traditional mms messages (pictures, video, audio) and restoring the stock app has proved to be impossible since i neglected to back it up with titanium. luckily gosms has a setting where you can manually enter the server info and restore mms functionality.
    win :)


    and for the record i tried using mms.apk from my full backup of the system folder, managed to push the file back into system but it still refused to install.
  23. downthemachine

    downthemachine Developer Incognito VIP Member

    You need to set permissions correctly
    I use root explorer. Would definately recommend purchasing this app!
  24. Robertech

    Robertech Well-Known Member

    i set the permissions exactly like those specified in your screenshot to no avail. i'll try root explorer but i dont know that it's much different than es file explorer as far as functionality, only interface.
  25. darkess3

    darkess3 Active Member

    how do you kill the process "com.kyocera.ecomode"?

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