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Hype of Android without reason?

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  1. salza

    salza New Member This Topic's Starter

    Aug 24, 2009
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    As you can read in many news every week Android is seen as THE smartphone OS for the future (or even now).
    I don't really understand, why there is such a hype for Android.

    Or maybe someone in here can tell me the advantages that Android has in comparison to the other Smartphone OS like iPhone OS, Symbian, RIM OS etc.

    I mean you could say that Android is open-source, but Symbian is in a process to become also an open-source platform and they have officially announced that they will be totally open-source in July 2010.

    But beside that open-source discussion there should be other arguments that Android is really better then the other OS, otherwise there should not be such a Hype. What are these?


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