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  1. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    I was hoping there would be an official extended battery, but looks like that has yet to happen. That said, I bought a Hyperion 4000 extended battery for $21 delivered. Here are the pluses and minuses:

    + So far, the 4000 mAh rating appears to correlate with the results. I am getting in the region of 90% better battery life for my own usage. I will not bother being too specific, since usage is too subjective. At any rate FWIW, I get 7 to 8 hours medium to heavy use with the stock 2100 and getting about 13 to 14 hours use with Hyperion 4000.
    + The battery appears well built and professional in presentation (not a cheapo).
    + The cover design is more tapered with a decent finish and not a rounded hump or as slick as some others are. Seems anything bigger would start getting too big & heavy, IMO.
    + The camera, flash and speaker are recessed. I like this, since provides better protection.
    + The extra space in the cover provides two indirect advantages: The speaker sounds fuller (kind of like a real weak passive subwoofer) and the device seems cooler when using GPS or other uses that can cause heat spikes. Added: The speaker effect is slight, so please do not read anything more into it than that.
    + Though heavier, the device feels more comfortable to hold.
    + Apparently has NFC, but I will probably never use the function.
    + The price. You can buy three of these for the price of some other options.

    - Hard to find cases, but Hyperion actually has one. Not ordered it yet, since wanted to first see how the battery panned out. I did buy a belt loop case recently that fits it well (I like belt loop cases since can not slip off by accident).
    - Though not as slick as some covers are, the extra weight creates more potential to drop it. I am going to probably order the Hyperion case now, but that of course will make the device a tad bigger... Looks like something Batman would carry (the black does). I guess a little bigger is better than a little broken ;)

    Links & info for the battery:

    Amazon.com: Hyperion Samsung Galaxy SIII 4000mAh Extended Battery + Pebble Blue Back Cover (Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S III GT-i9300, AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung i747, Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung i535, T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung

    Links & info for the case:

    Amazon.com: Hyperion Samsung Galaxy S III Extended Battery HoneyComb TPU Case Black (Hyperion Retail Packaging) **Compatible with ALL Hyperion, Qcell, Onite, Anker, and most Generic Galaxy S3 Extended Battery Models**: Cell Phones & Accessories

    Links & info for the case I recently bought that fits well:

    Amazon.com: Premium Horizontal Leather Cover for Samsung Galaxy S3 Slll i9300 (Black): Cell Phones & Accessories

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  2. Rick2179

    Rick2179 Well-Known Member

    Will it still fit in the Samsung S3 charging dock?
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  3. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    I do not know, since do not have one.
  4. treb1797

    treb1797 Well-Known Member

    Most of the OEM docking stations are only designed to fit w/ the phone having the regular size battery in. From my personal expierence.
  5. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    Hyperion sells a dock with spare battery charger built in, but not sure if it will fit the extended with phone in the dock. I will send an email to them and ask. A review comment made me think it might not, else I would have assumed it would fit, since Hyperion sells the extended battery.
  6. bucknasty

    bucknasty Active Member

    I am thinking of getting that exact "combo" from amazon. The TPU case, since its some type of silicone, how hard does it make it taking out of the horz side case? That TPU case sure look very "grippy" and would be hard to get out of the case. Also, could you tell me its new "thickness" (in inches) with the 4000mah batt and TPU case?
  7. bucknasty

    bucknasty Active Member

  8. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    I do not have the TPU case, so do not know. Agreed it looks very grippy, which seems a good thing.


    Really does look likes a Batman prop.
  9. bucknasty

    bucknasty Active Member

    ok, understood about the TPU.

    So what is the "thickness" of it with the 4000 extended battery?
  10. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    About half an inch.
  11. UserName872

    UserName872 Well-Known Member

    Just ordered, will report back when it arrives and I've put it through the paces.
  12. UserName872

    UserName872 Well-Known Member

    $15 Hyperion 4000mah battery just arrived from Amazon to work this morning! I haven't had a chance to put the battery through the paces yet but I thought I'd share some photos and a quick first overview.

    The new back does add a little bump to the back of the device but it really is only as thick as my co-workers iPhone with a regular case on it. The tapered edge at the top keeps the phone feeling smaller and protects the camera lens and flash from being scratched! Weight is greater than stock, which is to be expected with such a large battery, but again it only seems to weigh around what my co-workers 4S with case on it weighs.

    Sorry for the bad pictures, taken with my lovely company BlackBerry...

    I will post performance results after a few cycles through the battery!

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  13. treb1797

    treb1797 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the great pics !! Thinking about ordering one myself the longer I have my S3 & no accouncement from Samsung on their extended battery.

    Go Phillies ( Pez ) !!
  14. UserName872

    UserName872 Well-Known Member

    No problem at all!

    I'm hoping this thing lives up to my expectations. I'm finding I like the added weight and little thickness. Less worried about dropping it! My stock battery was great but I figured I'll see how this fares...

    (Love the Phils although this season has been a train wreck...)
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  15. Branndon

    Branndon Well-Known Member

    Careful... Someone here may work at CSI and *enhance* that business card and track you down.
  16. alexander323bc

    alexander323bc Well-Known Member

    Dude I am already on that! I am applying for a job there now and just used him as a reference. Joking
  17. mach1man

    mach1man Well-Known Member

    how is the battery working? looking at getting one of these
  18. treb1797

    treb1797 Well-Known Member

  19. sherlock5545

    sherlock5545 Well-Known Member

    I don't actually need one at the moment, but I may think about it. What bugs me is that it looks like the new cover makes the phone very thick. Is it still easy to handle?

    Give us some performace stats when you can :)
  20. brichi

    brichi Well-Known Member

    is there a battery worth getting that doesnt add the bulk?
  21. Veritas4420

    Veritas4420 Well-Known Member

    If you dont want to add any bulk, you could always just buy a Back-up OEM battery to keep with you.
  22. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    Still so far so good. I miss my clamshell case with built in stand, but appreciate the extra battery life. I used to mainly use in power save CPU mode, but now leave at stock speed.

    I can see the merit though of keeping an extra stock battery, since then more case options and the clamshell I have would work.
  23. mach1man

    mach1man Well-Known Member

    Well I went a lil over board and ordered the extended battery plus the 2 standard batteries with the charger LOL. I like having the extended battery for certain times, but carrying the spare batteries is great as well bc it allows me to use normal cases
  24. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    The Hyperion Dock? Does it fit with the extended battery cover attached?
  25. Randyocelot

    Randyocelot Active Member

    Yes it does !!

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