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Hyperion 4200 Battery w/ Seidio Surface Case.Tips

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  1. outerub

    outerub Well-Known Member

    This case is da bomb ! :D

    The Seidio battery cover fits perfectly over the Hyperion battery and the Surface cover completes the package. Looks great, FEELS great with NO slippery sensation. The Seidio Signature soft touch coating is kindof like a velvety rubber.

    HIGHLY recommended..

    I'll post some pics if I can find our digital camera.

  2. Jorma17

    Jorma17 New Member

    Just ordered it. Will f/u once recevd. Stock hyperion 4200 is so slippery.
  3. outerub

    outerub Well-Known Member

    .... like a bar of wet soap.

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