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  1. flutterby8244

    flutterby8244 New Member


    I've been trying to disable this "feature", the high-pitched low battery alert, for some time now. And this forum post is a last resort (I read forums, I usually don't post though). The problem is that the "beep, beep" to let me know my phone's battery is low... triggers my seizures.

    So that's not cool.

    I'm an ex-codemonkey, but my mind isn't what it used to be. Things have been getting -slowly- betterer since the brain surgery, but... urgh... so slow! Just have to sit on my arse until I heal myself.

    Anywayz, my HTC Desire HD has been rooted and has a custom ROM installed. I decided to delete everything inside /System/media, which fixed a few other sound issues that I had.

    Do I need to recreate an empty file "/system/media/audio/ui/LowBattery.ogg"?

    I've tried using external programs such as soundmanager to turn the system volume to zero, but I need something that ALWAYS works. Because if my phone starts beeping... I fall down and hit my head... not good.

    So can someone out there work with me on this issue, please?



  2. alpha0990

    alpha0990 Well-Known Member

    Have you deleted LowBattery.ogg yet? That should fix you up.
  3. flutterby8244

    flutterby8244 New Member

    Yes. I have deleted all default ringtones in /system/media/audio. The current directory structure is...

    445 Calendar.apk
    755 GPU (few bitmaps)
    755 audio
    755 weather (animations for app)

    755 alarms
    755 notifications
    755 ringtones
    755 ui


    666 Isenguard.ogg (my alarm)

    666 Isenguard.ogg (my sms tone)
    666 Code Lyoko.ogg (my old sms tone)

    666 Dr Horrible.ogg (my current ringtone)

    My ringtones have been permanently equalised using audacity, reducing the channels above 1.5MHz. High frequencies seem to be the cause of my seizures.

  4. CDPlant

    CDPlant Well-Known Member

    You could try this app, and set the 'System Volume' to zero and it should stop the low battery sound
  5. flutterby8244

    flutterby8244 New Member

    I have SoundManager already. It works intermittently. It needs to be running to keep the system sound down. And the app is not -always- guaranteed to be running on my phone.

    I need a permanent solution.

    Thankyou though :)

    I don't know why I still have any sounds at all, given there are no sound files left on the device...

  6. JEHighley

    JEHighley New Member

    Don't delete - rename LowBattery.ogg to LowBattery.ogg.bak.
  7. flutterby8244

    flutterby8244 New Member

    I don't understand. So the presence of a .bak file affects Android?

  8. JEHighley

    JEHighley New Member

    Erk! I somehow got the impression you were thinking of deleting the file as a solution rather than reporting that you already had - the rename suggestion was only a "best practice," in case you were to need the file for some reason in the future.

    You're right, the presence of a .bak file shouldn't do anything in this case except hide the sound from the notification operation. Deleting it should have done the same thing tho'
  9. bsm800

    bsm800 New Member

    I was looking for a way to delete the file or to get this noise to mute. i came across ur question. i don't know if this may help you but i finally manage to delete it from my phone (SGS2) and no noise anymore

    i had to root my phone, download Root Browser and grant it a SuperSU

    then went to
    and delete it. :D
    I know u use different phone but i thought it may help someone else. thanks

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  10. Jeepmaster

    Jeepmaster Well-Known Member

    Thanks bsm800,
    That worked perfectly for me. All I did was go the the folder bsm800 suggested and renamed a few sound files to a different extension. I renamed mine to .OLD
    TW_Battery_caution.ogg > TW_Battery_caution.OLD
    LowBattery.ogg > LowBattery.OLD

    Of course my S3 is rooted and I use ES File Explorer.

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