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  1. gerarmie

    gerarmie Member

    I just received my Galaxy Gio earlier. My brother gave it to me. I have a lot of troubles/problems regarding the use of Gio. I mean, I'm a new user and I don't have that much idea on how to use it.

    1. What is the use of HAMI, HAMI APPS, HAMIBOOK, HAMIMUSIC, HAMI(withchinesesymbols), HAMI(withchinesesymbols) KKBOX, Chinese Symbols and another chinese symbols? They are 8 icons on my menu and I don't know what's their uses.
    2. I can't see any games on my Gio. How can I put some games?
    3. I have 30 load awhile ago and now is only 9, how come? I just accidentally touched internet blah blah, it does count to decrease my load?
    4. Whenever I go to SAMSUNG APPS, I have 3 options, right? SAMSUNG ACCOUNT (TERMS AND CONDITIONS), SAMSUNG APPS (T AND C), PRIVACY POLICY. I always click the 2nd one, does it need to have an internet connection to be able to access that site?
    5. I can't connect my laptop's bluetooth on my gio.


    Sorry for my bad english guys. I just hope you understand what I'm saying. Help me please. :/

  2. alexfreakyy

    alexfreakyy Member

    U can download games from android market.
    And u can move your songs to your sd-card via usb cable:)
  3. gerarmie

    gerarmie Member

    But whenever I press the ANDROID MARKET, "ADD A GOOGLE ACCOUNT" will appear and if I press the "NEXT" it's asking me to CREATE or SIGN IN but I already signed up in Google using my laptop but if I press the SIGN IN and input my USERNAME and PASSWORD and press again the SIGN IN, it says "YOUR PHONE NEEDS TO COMMUNICATE TO GOOGLE SERVERS TO SET UP YOUR ACCOUNT. THIS MAY TAKE UP TO FIVE MINUTES." and after a minute, it says "CAN'T ESTABLISH A RELIABLE DATA CONNECTION TO THE SERVER. THIS COULD BE A TEMPORARY PROBLEM OR YOUR PHONE MAY NOT BE PROVISIONED FOR DATA SERVICES. IF IT CONTINUES, CALL CUSTOMER CARE." does it mean that I need internet connection first so that I can proceed to the Android Market?
  4. gerarmie

    gerarmie Member

    And the USB CABLE, whenever I use the usb cable, it's just charging my phone but not moving anything. I mean, I can't move songs or whatever.
  5. alexfreakyy

    alexfreakyy Member

    Yes u need an internet connection for android market:D
    Slide down the notification bar and click USB Mass Storage and then click Connect Storage to PC:cool:
  6. mach101

    mach101 Well-Known Member

    You also need a program KIES from Samsung to transfer pictures and songs to your phone from your PC.
  7. gerarmie

    gerarmie Member

    How can I connect to the internet? We have wifi connection here at our house but when i tried to connect, it says "remembered, secured wpa/wpa2 psk" and still dsconnecting. what will I do?
  8. gerarmie

    gerarmie Member

    I'm going to download SAMSUNG KIES? How? Can I download KIES using my Gio?
  9. gerarmie

    gerarmie Member

    HEY GUYS! Thanks for all the help! I have my APPS now! Teehee :"> Thank you so much! :D
  10. vafaandalibi

    vafaandalibi Member

    ur welcome

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