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  1. theodor_duke

    theodor_duke Member

    This is a FREE application, which allows to silently reject incoming calls and send a SMS to caller.
    Google Play


    If you are on important meeting, interview or presentations, you can just run this application and all your incoming calls will be dropped but callers will be send a SMS with text like "I am busy right now. I will call you back in 2 hours".

    Application is as simple as it can be. There are just 2 buttons : activate/deactivate and change SMS's text.

    Google Play

  2. Trafium

    Trafium Member

    Good one, will use it.
  3. theodor_duke

    theodor_duke Member

    Version 1.2 is available.
    Fixed crash and minor bugs.
  4. Shinji01

    Shinji01 Well-Known Member

    Good idea. Phones are so handy but also makes people expect to be able to get hold hold of you whenever they like. We have been in long need of an app that says " I am busy, I am not going to reply just now!!"
  5. theodor_duke

    theodor_duke Member

    Hi All,

    I want to introduce IamBusy V1.3.

    I've got a lot of responses and feedback and made following changes to application:
    - Fixed crash on incoming call
    - Fixed small issues.
    - Added notification about missed calls to notification area.
    - Added home screen widget which allows to enable/disable application
    - Added missed calls list to application's main screen, and call button to it.

    Thanks everybody for the responses.
    You can get new version here : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.duke.imbusy

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