I am confused buy X8 or LG Optimus One (P500)

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  1. MHF

    MHF Member

    i am confused buy X8 or LG Optimus One (P500)
    i will use my phone in generaly in internt so i need flash player
    i love long battery and nice music player

  2. Mitchturbo

    Mitchturbo Well-Known Member

    LG optimus One doesn't have flash compatability.
  3. Feeshie

    Feeshie Well-Known Member

    Does now. Search around XDA for link for working one.
  4. varungnath

    varungnath Well-Known Member

    This should give you an idea
    Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 vs. LG Optimus One P500 - GSMArena.com

    Look-wise, felt LG was a bit more appealing than X8, coz X8 still has that 'old' sony look. So LG +1
    Internet - Its your choice. But LG has a bigger screen. Bigger the better ;). LG +2
    Flash- Optimus din have flash initially! Now the Xda'ians have developed apps for the same. LG +3
    Music player- tons of em in the android market. So wont matter.
    Music- Obviously Sony! So Sony +1
    Battery - Not sure about Xperia. But with a rooted Optimus P500, the battery life is just spectacular. So LG +4

    My Score - LG=4/ X8=1 (Lot more features to be compared, but GSM arena should take care of the rest :D)
    My Verdict... Go for an Optimus P500. Worth a purchase :)
  5. caz1

    caz1 New Member

    thinking of getting the lg, can you tell me how you got it to run the flash please, would you recommend this phone, as looking for an android phone, and im confused
  6. varungnath

    varungnath Well-Known Member

    [APP] Adobe Flash Player for ARMv6 - xda-developers

    I would recommend this phone. Not a costly one. But if you do have a bigger budget, you sure could look out for options.
  7. Feeshie

    Feeshie Well-Known Member

    Like the person above said. It's a great phone if you root and a custom ROM because with overclock everything is butter smooth. Stock-wise its a decent phone a little lag here and there nothing major. Between these two devices I recommend the Optimus, but if your budget can go higher definitely check out the higher end phones.
  8. MHF

    MHF Member

    thx i will buy lg
  9. Gremaldin

    Gremaldin Well-Known Member

    LG optimus One outclasses the X8 in every way in my opinion. The only thing the X8 has that the O1 doesn't is the Sony brand name.
  10. MHF

    MHF Member

    I get it and i'm shock now in my country it without market and it called lg p503 it same lg p500 but without market i don't know why and now i can't install any app bcz no market and no file manger even if i send app via bluetooth it disappear from notification after it complet and can't rich my app in bluetooth what should i do
  11. the_metal

    the_metal Member

    lg has the famous dust problem ( google it )
    x8 has higher vid recording
  12. XperiaX8senior

    XperiaX8senior New Member

    Xperia x8 is better then lg optimus one,belive me.i was going to buy lg opt one but then i saw that x8 has better performance.If you want flash player(android 2.2+),root the x8
    (extremely easy),install busybox(busybox installer on the market-free,requires root),install cwm recovery(it will seem hard,but it is very easy),and install custom 2.3.7 rom,i preffer ginger elite for stock kernel.use stock kernel roms!!!!!!dont use roms for alfs,nA,...kernels,because phone will be stuck in a bootloop,but that can be fixed over se pc companion.on ginger elite for stock kernel you have flash player pre-installed.if you want my help doing this,add me on facebook-Jakov Gudec-profile picture-Cyanogenmod(android with circle arround him).but skyfire for android can play flash player videos without flash player.good luck for confused people. :D:D:D
  13. vipul619

    vipul619 Well-Known Member

    ^ way to revive a topic.. v_v

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