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I am SO not impressed with the G1General

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  1. ismism

    ismism New Member

    I am having serious buyer's remorse with my T-Mobile G1. First of all, I made the mistake of buying the white version (with grey keys) and the keyboard backlight renders the characters on the keys virtually invisible. It appears the only way to solve that is to root the phone, with which I am not comfortable. I thought a physical keyboard would be better than a virtual one, but that is so not the case. Using Wi-Fi appears to disable most network operations, so I have to revert to EDGE because the signal at my house is so weak and I can't get a 3G connection (admittedly more of a T-Mobile/my location problem). The apps I've tried from the Android Marketplace are spotty at best and usually totally flaky. And the battery life? OMG, more like battery death. I'm really wishing I'd waited until my TMo contract expired and gone back to an iPhone.

  2. clicketyclack

    clicketyclack New Member

    Try turning down the brightness on the screen. Turn off bluetooth, wireless, and gps when you aren't using them. This will save you quite a bit of battery life.
  3. ER6BEN

    ER6BEN Active Member

  4. mudrock1000

    mudrock1000 Well-Known Member

    Just thought I'd point out to ya the G1 was the very first Android phone. What do you want? XD

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