I believe that marijuana should be legal (discussion)

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  1. bryce13950

    bryce13950 Member

    sorry about misplacement, but I do feel it is about both since the app I created is about marijuana being legal, so I would also like to hear peoples opinions on the topic of marijuana being legal.
    Any advice or insight on the app I am making is greatly appreciated too.

  2. james27007

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  3. bryce13950

    bryce13950 Member

    Hi im new to making apps and ive been trying to think of ideas and one of my recent ones was a marijuana trivia game that tells you the history behind the plant at the end. I am 5 days into working on it and I would greatly appreciate anyone checking it out it is still a work in progress. I am charging 2 dollars for it right now just to see where it goes eventually it will be free, but I want to wait until I have other apps on the market since I need to eat and I dont really have a way to make money right now besides this. If anyone would like to check it out search the market for 21 reasons and it should be the first posting.
  4. noah way

    noah way Well-Known Member

    This is going to be good.

  5. jamor

    jamor Well-Known Member

  6. mortymouse

    mortymouse Well-Known Member

    I think it should be legal for a whole host of reasons. Thankfully, MMJ is. :)
  7. tommy_ed

    tommy_ed Well-Known Member

    I got in a longggg debate with someone on here about the legalization of marijuana a while back (i support legalization, or even decriminalization)

    I can tell you, it never ends. It's just like debating about religion. Regardless of facts, you can't convince each other that the other is right.

    That being said, I'll throw in my two cents anyway :D

    -We spend billions of dollars every year arresting and prosecuting people for victimless marijuana-related crimes. Couldn't this money be put to something useful?

    -To add to the above point, we could actually make billions by controlling and taxing marijuana

    -By legalizing and controlling it, we would make it harder for kids to get. With controlled substances, you eliminate a need for "dealers" who sell to underage users as well as introduce them to harder drugs.

    -Some people use marijuana strictly to help with anxiety, arthritis, nausea, and other ailments. In some states this is legal, but most have to fear criminal prosecution for using their medicine.

    -Recreational use: there is NO reason we shouldn't be able to sit on our couch after work and smoke a joint. It doesn't hurt anyone and it's MUCH less harmful than alcohol.

    -Not only is it NOT a violent substance, it actually prevents violence. It calms the user, and most will avoid physical altercations when using marijuana.

    -It was never legitimately made illegal. Research how it came to be illegal. The surgeon general at the time gave a report on marijuana stating it had many medicinal uses and did not have long term side effects. He was ignored and it was made illegal anyway, for the financial and political gain of some rich white guys. (seems to happen a lot in government, doesn't it?)

    Let's look at some interesting facts:

    -Marijuana has been illegal less than 1% of the time it's been in use.

    -There have been no deaths specifically attributed to the over-use of marijuana. (yes, wrecks, etc. may be attributed, but you could say the same for lack of sleep or cough syrup)

    -People who use marijuana are less likely to commit a violent crime.

    -The first law concerning marijuana in America was a law that required farmers to grow hemp in 1619

    -The law classifies marijuana as a class 1 drug (paired with PCP, Meth, Peyote, Heroin, Mescaline, and a larger offense than cocaine, opium, or oxycodone). It is classified as having a high potential for abuse and having NO medical uses.
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  8. mike114

    mike114 Well-Known Member

    Marijuana should be legal and regulated by law just like alcohol. You want to stop violence along the Mexican border, this is the best way to put the cartels out of business.
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  9. Bob Maxey

    Bob Maxey Well-Known Member

    MJ should not be legalized. We already have proof positive that at least one major intoxicants, alcohol, is dangerous in the hands of many people that only think they can drink and drive. We do not need yet another intoxicant available to be misused.

    We also have tobacco and California wants MJ legalized but they want tobacco driven out, because smoking is bad and it hurts others except for MJ which is in their view, a safe alternative to smoking tobacco. Rather odd POV and absolutely inconsistent view.

    We learned how hard it is to ban alcohol so we are "stuck" with it. We just do not need another drug people can abuse. MJ has an interesting history and lots of misinformation out there. Either you are for or against it so do not let your personal "agenda" rewrite the facts contained in your application.

    Be fair or STFU, as the kids say, smiley. I for one want to see your app.

    And yes, Bob knows his weed but he does not partake of the noxious crap. For the record, Bob also loves his alcohol.

  10. Bob Maxey

    Bob Maxey Well-Known Member

    Then what . . . do we legalize other products like Mexican cocaine or heroin? These products arrive from Mexico in great quantities, too. Not sure legalizing it makes sense unless you are an accountant watching the costs associated with jail and law enforcement Vs. the benefits to the public.

    How can the government legalize one more thing you smoke yet castrate anyone that smokes tobacco?

    And if the government gets involved, you can expect a pack of MJs to be costly and quite likely less potent than the stuff from Mexico, so perhaps trafficking will actually increase, because the Mexican MJ is stronger and you do not pay a huge tax on the illegally imported stuff.

    And do we disallow you to grow the stuff yourself? Citing the strength of your home grown stuff as being dangerous and therefore, not allowed?

    Here in Utah, we impose strict limits on alcohol content allowed in beer sold in places like grocery stores. I think it is 3.2%. So the government regulates strength of most beer sold in Utah.

    Ease of availability likely means that more people will try it and this leads to other problems, like kids getting hold of the stuff. This would be a given because now, it is legal.

  11. noah way

    noah way Well-Known Member

    I never thought I would agree with you on anything. :D
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  12. noah way

    noah way Well-Known Member

    In regard to your line of reasoning (cost to society) weed is entirely different from coke and smack. I once knew a NYC surgeon who wanted all drugs legalized. His point of view was formed working on drug war casualties in the ER.

    Without taking that literally, tobacco has very high costs to society from its negative health effects. Weed has a high cost to society primarily because of its illegal status.

    That's a bit of a stretch. You don't know what the taxes would be and you probably don't know how much weed costs now. Also various hybridized domestic strains are among the strongest.

    You're getting pretty close to invasive police state territory here ...

    Like that's a solution? People just have to drink more to achieve the same effect, or drink something other than beer.

    The stuff is everywhere and very easy to obtain. I think more kids try it simply because it is illegal.
  13. gallandof

    gallandof Well-Known Member

    make it legal. the health benefits are huge. I have this eating disorder type of deal where food doesnt taste good, and I have no appetite 99% of the day. back when I used to smoke marijuana I actually enjoyed food as well as the taste of food, this got me into cooking. Which speaking of cooking, marijuana is a great cooking tool too. this gets rid of the whole smoking factor but still gives all the same benefits.

    on top of all the individual gains, it would be a huge boon to the economy. I believe that in 2010 the marijuana industry made the country 6 billion dollars(maybe 9 cant remember) and that was with medical grade marijuana only being legal in 16/50 countries. now imagine if all 50 countries legalized it for medical purpose. thats 20 billion yearly revenue for the country thats currently being put towards the black market instead. On top of money earned through the industry there would be plenty of money saved since law enforcement wouldn't have to waste their time,resources,and talent arresting or fining another person for having pot on them.

    and anyone who thinks tobacco should be made illegal needs to think quickly about how much damage that would do to the economy. The cigarette industry although deadly and dangerous is such a huge part of out state and countries income that it would be suicide to make it illegal any time in the near future.
  14. MarunaZ

    MarunaZ Member

    I don't think it would put the cartels out of business, maybe the smaller hack dealers that deal in mj only. Taking the local dealers out of the mj business I believe would be more beneficial and this is why I think that.
    If you could obtain it from the local corner store or grow it yourself, the people that are interested in mj only would not be under pressure from the dealer trying to make a sale with the bigger labels like meth and what not thus keeping the illegal drugs away from social smokers. Plus, I do agree it would slow the border jumping because they couldn't "compete" with the individual growers.

    I saw a post about the mexican stuff is stronger, this I would have to disagree with because if you are limited on the amount of plants you were allowed to grow, you'd want to grow it the best way, hydroponically, bringing the THC level up to and above the 90% region.
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  15. gallandof

    gallandof Well-Known Member

    thats a really good point too. I know some friends who have had much worse drugs pushed on them when they simply want to pick up some pot for themselves
  16. Aggie12

    Aggie12 Well-Known Member

    Item 9 is the bees-knees.

    But seriously. You can't really justify tobacco and alcohol being legal and MJ illegal. The former 2 are known to have detrimental effects to the human body.

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  17. tommy_ed

    tommy_ed Well-Known Member

    in case you havent noticed, marijuana prohibition is doing NOTHING but costing taxpayer money. As for "another drug people can abuse"... it's already VERY readily obtainable. In fact it's EASIER for underage people to obtain than alcohol or even cigarettes.

    not to be rude, but you are obviously biased on this subject.
  18. Aggie12

    Aggie12 Well-Known Member

    aren't we all? :p
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  19. tommy_ed

    tommy_ed Well-Known Member

    very good point, i know i am. i was referring to his "personal agenda" statement though. he's got kind of a double standard there!
  20. Aggie12

    Aggie12 Well-Known Member

    His argument isn't very strong and it's obvious he's never going to change his standpoint. This is why I don't like arguing this subject. I'd rather talk politics TBH. Some people just have it in their head that marijuana is bad. You can thank the government for this. Having used MJ for a few years consistently I've seen the ups and downs with it. It has potential to ruin your life IF you let it get out of hand. It's really easy to just be a casual user, smoke weed every day. It's a fact that the prohibition of alcohol didn't work. It in essence made it worse due to the introduction of a lot of organized crime. Now days people don't get shot buying alcohol. We would see so many benefits if we legalized marijuana.

    Economically it's the most sound option we have. Most people will agree on that part. Legalize it then we spend 10 billion less a year on policing MJ. Tax and regulate it. ????. Profit.
    I think the reason it hasn't is due to the moral issues imposed on us by our government. They want us to think it's a bad drug. It will make us want to kill people. A former DEA agent said that there are more carcinogens in one marijuana cigarette than a tobacco one. This was in an interview on Fox. I laughed so hard when I heard that but that's what some people think. But in fact just the opposite is the case. Studies have shown that through the use of 'medical' marijuana that cancer cell growth can be slowed down. If you want me to find some studies I will.

    I think it's also a difficult mountain to get over because the government will have to admit basically to lying to us this whole time since 1937 when it was criminalized.

    But we're closer than ever to legalizing it. I would put money on it saying that MJ will be legalized in CA in 2012. The 2010 ballot didn't pass but it's picking up inertia.
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  21. Dark Jedi

    Dark Jedi Guest

    To think if the pot heads would of put their pot down for a few hrs to just vote. Then they wont have to wait for 2012 to try again. I guess pot was more important than to vote. They had their chance and blew it.

    So if they legalize it where can people smoke it? They can't smoke it in the public. They can't drive and smoke. I would hope they wouldn't smoke in their houses with kids around. They legalize it and other supporters of the harder stuff will say why not coke and the other drugs. Even if you say pot isn't dangerous. They will use your argument of alcohol. They will say its just as dangerous but its legal. So no I don't see pot being legalized as if it is then it opens Pandora box.
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  22. Marijuana should be legal. Any real conservative would agree with me.
  23. Dark Jedi

    Dark Jedi Guest

    If a conservative don't agree with you then he isnt a real conservative. Nice of you to play judge.
  24. Since conservatives claim to be about small government and personal liberty, I'd expect him (or her) to.
  25. Dark Jedi

    Dark Jedi Guest

    If every conservative jump off a bridge would you do it to? Just because a person is a conservative don't mean they have to agree what other conservatives think is right.

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