I bit the bullet, took my new S4 back and got a grey/black S5General

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    Two weeks ago, I got a new S4 not knowing the S5 was coming out a few days later. I decided at the time to keep the S4 as the S5 only comes in black or white and those colors are bland. :p I like RED. Anyways, since then I've been researching and comparing online & posts here the differences between the S4 & S5 to see if I wanted to make the jump before my 30 day window was up on the S4.
    Today, I bit the bullet, took my new S4 back and got a grey/black S5.
    Grey/Black... how bland...and I can't stand white... :rolleyes:
    At least I get the better performance, screen, camera, battery & weatherproofing.
    As for not getting red, I will wait until they come out with more colors and they always do then get a red battery cover then. Meanwhile I will find a red flip cover and use that. Or maybe this:

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  3. jack58

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    I have the S-View Flip Cover on it now. :)
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    thanks for the nice comments!
  5. Ive actually been wondering if I need to get a screen protector for mine. Found a good deal on a 2-pack for the new S5, this answers my question whether I should buy them or not! I love my S5, hope you like yours!
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    If your considering the S-View Flip Case, read my post before getting so you know the issues with it.
    Overall I like it.

    Dynamic Notification & S-View Flip Case problem


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