I bricked it like the noob i amSupport

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  1. hulkmn069

    hulkmn069 New Member

    Hey folks i just rooted my exhibit ii and went through freezing some apps with ti backup and i hit one that pissed the phone off. i was unable to get back to the home screen or any of the applications. the only button that really worked was the back button and that kept putting me into the contacts and my wx app. needless to say i can't get back to ti backup and when the phone boots now it freezes on the samsung screen after the exhibit 2 and android screen, and won't respond to anything. any help would be great thanks.

  2. 9to5cynic

    9to5cynic Well-Known Member

    Now, I'm not familiar with that phone, but that doesn't sound like a brick'd phone to me!
    Did you happen to make a nandroid before you started freezing apps? If so you could restore one and be all good. If not, I'd check around and see if you can find anything specific on the Titanium Backup threads anywhere, I'm sure there is a safe guard that'll allow it to unfreeze the app.
  3. hulkmn069

    hulkmn069 New Member

    i didn't make a nandroid before freezing what i did. I have found out that if you call the phone i can answer. it also allows me to turn the thing off and adjust the volume. it's working i just dont' have a home screen. i'm kinda lost right now BTW can i get a mod to move this to the exhibit ii thread. kinda screwed this up from the beginning.
    Also can someone break this down a little better. i've done all the downloads but can't open a terminal.?

    21. I have frozen too many apps and now I can't even use my device to launch Titanium Backup! What can I do?

    • Let's hope that you have USB debugging enabled, "adb" root access on your device and a Busybox version that has the "sed" command.
    • Install the Android SDK Tools[​IMG] on a computer.
    • Connect your device to your computer via USB.
    • Open a terminal and login with "adb shell".
    • Type the following command (replace with /dbdata/system/packages.xml if you have a Samsung phone):
      busybox sed -n 's/<package name="\([^"]\+\)".*enabled="false".*/\1/p' /data/system/packages.xml | while read PKG; do pm enable "$PKG"; done
  4. qwerty3656

    qwerty3656 New Member

    If you are doing this from your computer, your run cmd.exe, change directory to the platform-tools subdirectory and then type adb shell (while the phone is hooked up to a USB port). If you get some kind of error, make sure you have the correct drivers for your phone installed on the computer.
  5. catchemall447

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    hulk i responded but they would not let me post the link

    send me an email j_f_bailey@bellsouth.net with your address and i will send it to you.

    it tell you how to do a master reset
  6. catchemall447

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