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  1. mitch1029

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    Hi guys.

    So i'm in trouble! My wife's Neo message tone started going off, informing me there was a software update. I downloaded it for her and proceeded to install it. The phone shut down and had various images on the screen along with a load bar showing the progress of the update. However when it finished (I assume, as I wasn't watching) the screen just went black (off) and now the phone is totally non-responsive. Plugging into the charger doesn't do anything. I've read other forums/topics and it seems to be a similar problem to what happens with the xperia x10 but I can't find info regarding to the neo model.

    Suggestions for the X10 was to try switch on without the sd card or sim card in but this doesn't do anything. the 1st few times I attempted to switch the phone back on it gave off a dim vibration but nothing happened. Since then I can't even get the dim vibration anymore.

    Do you guys have any ideas? I'm pretty useless with phones technically so i'm feeling the easiest method would be to take it to a shop for repair?

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