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  1. Archangel1183

    Archangel1183 Member

    Hey guys. My phone stopped charging a few days ago and I had to open it up to fix the charging port. It works now, but in the process I broke the GPS contacts and threw them away not knowing what they were.

    They look like they're made of copper. I was thinking of soldering on a couple small pieces of copper speaker wire. Has anyone had to replace these on their phone? Anyone have a better idea?

  2. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary Moderator

    Hey Archangel1183, welcome to the AndroidForums!

    I don't have a DINC2 and I'm not as brave are you are to open-up my devices ;), but you might want to search for and see if there are any tear-down instructions or videos that might help you identify if your proposed ideas might work.

    Here's one video I found, but not sure if it illustrates enough for you:

    Best of luck and I hope you get squared-away.

  3. Archangel1183

    Archangel1183 Member

    Hi, Scary Alien. Thanks for your reply. I actually put a dab of of solder on the motherboard where the top GPS contact used to be. I couldn't get the solder to stay on the bottom one, but the GPS navigation works fine with just one.

    Thanks again. Hopefully this helps anyone else with this problem in the future.
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