I can has .flac support?

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  1. vespadaddy

    vespadaddy Well-Known Member

    I know that there has been work done to make .flac support possible for earlier builds of Android, but I'm using Android 2.0. I also don't want to root my phone (once that becomes possible for the Droid).

    Is there any chance that .flac will be supported via an app? Are any app developers working on a player that supports .flac? I would pay money for such an app, if it existed.


  2. JDuc

    JDuc Well-Known Member

    Let's not just limit this to 2.0 users, but rather share it for all Android users. I too am desperately wanting FLAC support for my Android!!
  3. davesax36

    davesax36 New Member

    me 3...
  4. mason1

    mason1 New Member

  5. keldmik

    keldmik New Member

    Try andless. Works on my htc hero.

    andless - Project Hosting on Google Code


    This audio player can play lossless files (FLAC/APE/MPC/WV), or any files directly supported in Android.
    Now supports Apple lossless files (in M4A container) as well.
    CUE sheets and playlists are also supported, please read the Wiki pages for details.
  6. douger

    douger Well-Known Member

    I must be doing something wrong. I get an error whenever I try to play a .flac file on my Incredible with andless. :confused:

    Then again, I do have the software to convert .flac to .mp3. It's not like I have a set of Polk speakers riding on my shoulders.
  7. goatspanka

    goatspanka Member

    Meridian media player supports flac without rooting. They flac files don't show up in the "library" but using the built in file browser and selecting the song works. There is a free version and a pay version.
  8. chidino

    chidino New Member

    While it is not the native OS support for FLAC we all hope to see in Froyo, FLAC support is available from the variously named models coming to all four major carriers under the Samsung Galaxy S umbrella. The Samsung music player loaded on these phones supports (from the website):

    Music Player with SoundAlive
    3.5mm Ear Jack

    Maybe that player will be portable to other 2.1 platforms??
  9. Loremonger

    Loremonger Well-Known Member

    I'm playing flac audio on my Captivate right now. It sounds AWESOME. The only problem is that it doesn't read all the tags. Still missing artist and album art.
  10. kcmartz

    kcmartz Well-Known Member

    I know this is a OLD topic, but check out PowerAMP. It has support as far as I know. so sorry for bumping this topic!

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