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  1. sarahirun

    sarahirun Member

    Hi streak players !

    I've stuck with these problems for several time , after I've upgrade rom and ongoing use for a while , I've founded that I can not hear caller ( or calling to someone) via earphone My speakerphone and Bluetooth still usable normally but i wonder why earphone is suddenly silenced ?

    I solved with factory reset and upgrade rom but it usually happen afterward , Anyone know about root causes or how to permanently fix it?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. cdzo72

    cdzo72 Well-Known Member

    Not much we can help you with unless we know more info... what ROM you are running, what baseband, are you rooted, what build, etc.... provide all that information and maybe we can help
  3. sarahirun

    sarahirun Member

    Hi cdzo72 ,
    Thanks for your response here below is my current info :
    Rom : Olleh 407 no custom rom
    rooted : Yes
    Baseband : 406 EU
    Build : 20707

    actually i think it's not related with rom version caused I've use 354 / Streakdroid 1.91 / 360 / 407 and it happen in any version of my rom ... i suspect that it may cause by hardware instead?

    It happen again in 12.00 AM today but after I disconnect GPS / H and reboot , it seems usable again in 10 minutes i think , I've tries to seach in any article here ... it founded that i needed to upgrade or downgrade rom version and factory reset to solve but after I've tried , it still happen occasional.

    Anyway to fix before I need to sent for replacement?
  4. cdzo72

    cdzo72 Well-Known Member

    one last thing you can try before sending it off is to just flash the baseband files for the ROM you are running and see if that helps
  5. sarahirun

    sarahirun Member

    Hi , could you please teach me how to falsh the baseband files ? I know only how to up/down ROM and factory reset. Thanks in advance.
  6. cdzo72

    cdzo72 Well-Known Member

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