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I can send but not receive text messages

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  1. ohawthorne1989

    ohawthorne1989 New Member

    I have a rooted and unlocked Android G2X. I have had it for almost a year, and it has been rooted and unlocked for over a month. Now, I use AT&T instead of T-Mobile. Recently, I uninstalled GO SMS Pro and reinstalled it. For a few days, I had no problems. This afternoon, I stopped receiving texts, but I can send them. I tried setting GO SMS Pro to "Unistalled Stock SMS". No change. I uninstalled GO SMS Pro. No change. I cleared the data from the stock sms app. No change. I have turned my phone off, waited 5 minutes, turned it back on. No change. I power cycled it. No change. Please, help. Thank you in advance. :)

  2. milestonex2

    milestonex2 Member

    I had an issue like that once before. I downloaded a app called "my calculator" and changed some of the settings which resulted in this same issue. Did you by chance DL that app?
  3. ohawthorne1989

    ohawthorne1989 New Member

  4. milestonex2

    milestonex2 Member

  5. ohawthorne1989

    ohawthorne1989 New Member

    Oh, no, I did not. I didn't download any new apps today.
  6. milestonex2

    milestonex2 Member

    Oh. Well when I had that issue I ended up calling my carrier for help and ended up doing a factory reset and it worked up until I downloaded that "my calculator" app and found out that was the main issue. Cause I also use go SMS and uninstalled it thinking that was my problem and found out I still had the issue. Wish I could help more
  7. jm4android

    jm4android New Member

    I had a similar issue with my Samsung Captivate on AT&T. It started Monday night 7/23 at midnight. I could send texts, but not receive them. Everything else was working fine, calls, email alerts, browser, etc. I had not downloaded anything new to the phone, it just stopped receiving texts. I spent an hour on the phone with tech support and they checked the account for any blocks, reset me on the network, had me turn off my phone and they sent something to reset it. None of this worked. The next step was for me to take the phone to a store.

    I took it to an AT&T store the next day and they tried putting a new SIM card in the phone, but no luck. The rep said that I was eligible to upgrade the phone, but I said that I didn't want to do that because I was not convinced it was the phone causing the issue. After several of the reps at the store worked on it for a while, one rep had the answer.

    Here is what he did that fixed it. He put MY SIM card in another phone in the store (some cheap free flip phone) and then sent a text from that phone to MY PHONE NUMBER. When he did that, all of my backed up text messages came flooding onto this flip phone. We put my SIM card back in my phone and everything is working fine. I had to go thru the texts left on the cheap flip phone and forward the important ones to my phone so I had them and then clean them off the flip phone. He said that he doesn't know why this fixes it and they see the problem so rarely that not many reps know this trick.

    Take your phone to a store and try this trick to see if it works. Beats doing a factory reset on the phone which wipes out all of your pics and apps.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.

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