I cannot add the ATT Messages app the the dockSupport

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  1. Bishopgatrer

    Bishopgatrer New Member

    Need some help. I'm trying to add the ATT Messages app to the dock on my Galaxy S3, but it keeps reverting to the standard green phone app. I like using the ATT Messages app to manage my calls and texts but I have no other option I know to be alerted to missed calls and texts other than putting it on the dock and it won't stay there. Any advise?

  2. electricpete

    electricpete Well-Known Member

    What Launcher are you using?
    Is the thing you're wanting to add to the dock a widget?

    I think the stock TW launcher won't put widgets in the dock (iirc)
    On Nova Prime, you can add widgets to the dock, but only 1x1 widgets (not anything bigger)

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