I cannot get my Stratosphere to connect via USBSupport

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    Nov 21, 2012
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    I have tried everything to get my laptop to recognize my stratosphere... I know the USB ports are good because my laptop is brand new, and read everything else plugged into them (it runs Windows 7, if that matters) When I plug into the computer it will ask me charging mode, USB Mass Storage, or internet connection mode.. I choose USB Mass storage.... None of my computers will recognize it... I have tried different cables, different computers, I really dont know what else to do.... When I go to look for drivers to install on Samsung website it doesn't offer me any for my phone... All i want to do is get my music from my phone to my computer....I don't Bluetooth on my PC as someone already suggested! I do have a card reader on PC but I don't have the adapter that makes a Micro card, into a regular SD? Please HELP

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    Feb 10, 2010
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    have you installed the drivers for the device yet?

    you may have to get 3rd party drivers for it to recognize it. i will check on some for you


    the problem can also be with the USB cord itself. i have gone through 5 in the last year. so try replacing it with one in your house if you can. my stock cord no longer functioned and now another off brand name has failed :(

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