I can't access recovery mode - can't update to 4.0.4

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  1. Inevitability

    Inevitability Active Member

    This morning when I saw that 4.0.4 started going out, I downloaded it and wanted to install but I didn't have enough time so I decided to do it when I get back home. I can't, when I hold volume up + power and select recovery I get
    - Google logo
    - Android with something blue in it that lasts no more than half a second
    - black screen with touch buttons on the bottom (they're on)
    - Google logo, boot up - PIN and home screen

    It's I9023, rooted with 4.0.3 official. I remember that somewhere I read that ROM Manager causes this so I deleted it but it's still same.

    :( What do I do?

  2. Inevitability

    Inevitability Active Member

    Please close this thread, it took me a few hours of Googling but I managed. I now have 4.0.4 :D
  3. Avelina

    Avelina Member

    Or maybe you could let us know what you did to fix it?

    I have the same problem...
  4. Alda1981

    Alda1981 New Member

    Same problem. Inevitability since you are in a forum if you actually found a solution instead of posting something so useless i would rather not have you write anything.
  5. GeoHegelund

    GeoHegelund New Member

    I have the same problem, still 4.0.3. When will nexus s update to 4.0.4 autimatically?
  6. Inevitability

    Inevitability Active Member

    Lol sorry guys, I didn't know there were more of you. I found out this could work by Googling and my own creativity (I'm the kind of person that restarts and hopes it will work)
    - Copy the downloaded 18MB update file and rename it to update.zip, copy it to your device (you already did that)
    - Delete all backups in ROM manager (it's under Manage and Restore Backups)
    - Uninstall ROM manager and install it from Play store again
    - Flash ClockworkMod recovery in ROM manager
    - Backup current ROM (it's gonna take a while, I don't even know why I did this, I guess my paranoia)
    - Once Android is up again, go to ROM Manager and tap the second option (Reboot into Recovery). It should boot into recovery, now just select apply update.zip

    I have no idea how this works, all I did was reading and reading, and decided to try this out. As I said, I'm the kind of person that hopes restart and rewipe will do it, and this time it did. I have 4.0.4 now.

    I hope it works for you, I know this is pretty much unprofessional, BUT IT WORKED FOR ME.
    Please let me know, and good luck, and sorry for not posting this, I didn't know there were more of you. ;) :D

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