I can't add members to my groups on phoneSupport

  1. plongo01

    plongo01 New Member

    This may or may not have been answered but I've been searching for 3 days now. I have an exchange email which syncs all my contacts along with facebook that does the same thing. If a contact is linked with facebook or my exchange email I am not able to add them to a group on my phone i.e. "family." Am I able to have a contact linked to facebook and add them to the group "family?" If so, how do I do this? Everytime I go to contacts->groups->add memeber then there are no contacts to add b/c they are all associated with either facebook or my exchange account.

  2. plongo01

    plongo01 New Member

    Apparently when an entry is a facebook or exchange contact ONLY then you cannot edit things like group, ringtone, etc. The question I have now is, if I want to turn a contact into a facebook, exchange and phone contact, how can I do this with out making duplicates of every contact then linking them? Any suggestions would be helpful

    Thanks in advance

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