i cant connect my xperia go to my pc!!General

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  1. shane713

    shane713 New Member

    hi i just got a xperia go and when i connect my phone to the pc tru usb windows xp quickly recognizes the device but mass storage never appears in "my computer" i installed pc companion but it doesnt find anything i checked usb debugging but still there is nothing that i can accsess my storage with in "my computer" so any help how to resolve this issue?

  2. atletikus

    atletikus New Member

    The wondershare android manager worked wonders for me. You might want to check it out.
  3. alan666notb

    alan666notb Active Member

    I have a similar problem, I can see the device as mass storage under MyComputer, but can't access it via adb.

    Wondershare android manager seems to be having the same problem, keeps asking me to switch on USB Debugging on the phone but it's definitely enabled, a notification appears in the status bar on the phone when I plug the USB cable in.

    It seems that the correct USB drivers haven't been loaded, but I can't find them anywhere.

    The Sony site [ http://developer.sonymobile.com/downloads/drivers/ ] has them for all Xperia's except the "Go".

    Can anyone point me to them?
  4. alan666notb

    alan666notb Active Member

    I've discovered that I have no problem using adb with my Xperia Go on my old P/C (W7 - 32bit).
    It seems to be a problem with the 64 bit drivers.

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