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  1. gigavic27

    gigavic27 Well-Known Member

    I can't connect to wifi. what should I do. it happened this morning

  2. YouTu_01

    YouTu_01 Well-Known Member

    hmm... try again? , turn it on? re-enter your WEP (if you use one) key? what exactly happened?
  3. gigavic27

    gigavic27 Well-Known Member

    It's ok l can connect now:)
  4. DexTyler

    DexTyler Well-Known Member

    Could you please share how you fixed it? I'd like to know incase I get the same problem in the future.
  5. vipmoneylist72

    vipmoneylist72 New Member

    I can't connect to WiFi either...I really need some help with this. If anyone can share how to fix this problem please email me at vipmoneylist72@gmail.com


    Irvin D
  6. gigavic27

    gigavic27 Well-Known Member

    I just waited a few hours and it worked again. (Turned phone on and of a few times and i did the same to wifi. LG optimus gt540.

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