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  1. sntycheesy

    sntycheesy New Member

    Hi, i'm using LePhone 3GW100 with LeOS 2.0.0 in Indonesia, but i bought it in China last year.
    i have a problem that i can't download any applications from the LePhone mobile market now. I still can download the applications 2 days ago. But now, everytime i wanna install any applications, it says that the download error and try to download it again next time. I'm so confused that i can't use the mobile market, because it means i can't download any applications that i need :confused:. Please, help me for the solutions. Thanks a lot :)

  2. wright000

    wright000 Member

    Is this relevant yet? I know solution.
  3. steverichmond

    steverichmond New Member

    Why not post the solution if you think you have the answer?
    This might help other who wont have to ask the question.

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