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I can't download images sent via textSupport

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  1. quinnygoth

    quinnygoth Member

    Hi everyone.

    My friend has just sent me a photo, a photo of a dead rat she found on her stairs :eek:

    I hit the download button in the message but the image doesn't open/download.

    Galaxy S3 (Slll) - How to Fix Text Message Downloading Error - YouTube

    I've watched this video but on my phone there is no option for "Packet Data"

    Does anybody know what's wrong? I've read some comments on various videos/threads that say it might be to do with my WiFi settings but I don't know.

    I'm currently linked to my home WiFi if this makes any difference.


  2. Camelot023

    Camelot023 Active Member

    Try holding your finger on the picture, you should get a menu with the option to save attachment.
  3. quinnygoth

    quinnygoth Member

    There is no image. Just a button that says "Download" I press it and a bar comes up, underneath it says "Downloading" but nothing happens.

    Thanks for replying.
  4. quinnygoth

    quinnygoth Member

    I've figured it out. I think it's my APN settings. I have none. They must've been removed when I did a factory reset.
  5. quinnygoth

    quinnygoth Member

    I called up my network provider and they gave me the APN Settings and another set of settings which he said was for image data, I think.

    The name is MMS.

    Where do I go to put these settings in?


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