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I cant figure out how to save my pics to SD cardSupport

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  1. Stalyn

    Stalyn Member

    So i cant figure out how to save my pics/texts/videos etc to my SD card

    Everything saves to the internal hd automatically

    is there a setting or something im missing?

  2. blaxican25

    blaxican25 Well-Known Member

    download apps 2 sd from the market or go to settings/applications/manage applications click on the app you want to move and select move to sd card.
  3. Darnell0216

    Darnell0216 Well-Known Member

    Your pics and videos should not be saving internally. The phone won't even let you do some media functions without an SD Card installed. Are you sure they're saving to the phone? What folder are they in?

    Texts are saved internally, there's no getting around that I'm aware of. If you get a lot of MMS messages, start saving the attachments and delete the MMS they're a part of.
  4. UKCatFan

    UKCatFan Well-Known Member

    I agree. I believe that they are saving to the card. I don't even see an option in the camera where you can change where it goes. All should be in /mnt/sdcard/dcim/camera.
  5. teh_dude

    teh_dude Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the file system may seem rather elusive when you're not rooted yet and haven't thumbed through a file manager (although I realize I'm making assumptions here). Even though you may look in the Gallery and see them all in there, that's just the app that makes them easier to look at. UKCatFan specified the directory that camera pix go to by default (.../sdcard/DCIM/camera).

    Images you download
    through your browser/email/other means typically go to .../sdcard/bluetooth/images. Yes, even though you may not have used bluetooth to get them.

    Videos taken with the camera go to
    the same place as stillshots with the camera, but videos downloaded should be going to .../sdcard/download.

    If you're not rooted yet, download AndroZip (there's a free version) from the Android Market, and look in the directories (folders) described here. If you are rooted, go ahead and buy Root Explorer, because, well, it's better. lol.

    At any rate, you should find that all of those items are indeed on your SD. your phone's internal memory doesn't even have a normal place for media like that for the most part unless it's ringtones/alarm sounds/etc that the system uses for specific purposes.
  6. Darnell0216

    Darnell0216 Well-Known Member

    Actually downloaded browser images end up in the /Download folder. MMS and email attachments save to the root of the SD card. This is the way it works on the stock ROM anyway.
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  7. teh_dude

    teh_dude Well-Known Member

    You're right! I forgot about that. I couldve sworn that there were images that by default went to the bluetooth/images folder despite being received through other means, but I could very well be wrong. I forgot that I was tired of random images being in two separate places, so I just put them all in the bluetooth/images folder for consistency lol. So now when I go into QuickPic (because Gallery sucks and is slower than a stereotypical grandma on the highway half the time), I have Camera, Images, and Screenshots (freebie screenshot app evidently has made its own directory, but that's fine. Easier to find when I take them and they're all one kind).
  8. Stalyn

    Stalyn Member

    Thank you guys. I'm rooted, i just didn't know where they were saving to.
  9. Lane

    Lane Well-Known Member

    The "helpful" people at Metro PCS instructed my fiancee (over the phone) to do something since Metropcs has not been working on her phone for 2+ days. "Not working" meaning not sending/receiving texts or using browser (Google or Firefox), but she can make receive calls. Anyway, after she did what they said would fix the problem the problem was not fixed and ALL her texts and threads were gone :mad: Where on the LG Optimus can she find Texts are saved internally, as you said? She has a 2 month old Optimus M and it is Stock, not rooted.

    I have a Droid X and am in NY while she is finishing her Masters degree in FL - - is it easy to explain where the texts are saved internally so I can instruct her how to find & retrieve them? Thanks for any & all help :)


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  10. teh_dude

    teh_dude Well-Known Member

    as far as I know, if the texts are gone when you look at the messaging app, then they're gone, and there is no retrieving them. you can think of the messaging app as not only your way to send and receive texts, but also as the "file explorer" for existing text messages. Someone please correct me if they know otherwise.
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  11. Darnell0216

    Darnell0216 Well-Known Member

    That's pretty much correct. Unless you download an app that serves the purpose of backing up text messages, there's no restoring them. From the sound of it, they had her do a factory reset. Only the calendar and contacts (and of course Gmail) are sync'd from Google's servers and restored when the phone is wiped.

    There's a free app called SMS Backup & Restore which can back up your texts. Backups are saved to the SD Card so you can restore them at any time if need be.
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  12. Lane

    Lane Well-Known Member

    No, they did not have her or instruct her to do a factory reset, MetroPCS DID NOTHING :mad: "You get what you pay for" can never be more appropriate. She'll come to her senses when she finishes school & can afford paying $50+ more for Verizon. For now she'll be using the new LG Optimus M I just bought her in April cause she wanted a new phone cause I heard "My phone sucks" a lot. Thanks for your feedback :)

    Originally Posted by Darnell0216 [​IMG]
    There's a free app called SMS Backup & Restore which can back up your texts. Backups are saved to the SD Card so you can restore them at any time if need be

    I have AVG on my laptop & desktop for anti-virus & I put AVG Mobilation on my Droid X (free version on all my devices). After it's downloaded to the phone you can click >Menu >Tools to choose (1) Data Backup (Beta) and (2) App Backup to backup your "stuff". There isn't a way to program or set it to be automatically like SMS Backup or SMS & Restore, but I've found it to be easier to use/understand than SMS. Now the challenge is remembering to backup regularly :rolleyes: In addition to these backup features it is also a great anti-virus app for phones and program for my computers I've been using for a decade, no virus to date (I now knock on wood) :p Thanks again for your feedback.

    Here's their URL for those who'd like to view their site:

    AVG - Antivirus for Android | Free Mobile Antivirus

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