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  1. kmoff77

    kmoff77 Member

    The only way I can find my alarms is if I ask S Voice. Can someone please tell me another way? TIA

  2. hal1

    hal1 Well-Known Member

    Use the app that simply called 'clock'. It's a white circle with a red second hand in the apps. It also opens up in the timer
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  3. justaneonlol

    justaneonlol Well-Known Member

    Clock -> Alarm

  4. kmoff77

    kmoff77 Member

    Thanks hal1. should have been obvious. we can close this thread i guess.
  5. hal1

    hal1 Well-Known Member

    Not really. I had to look around, especially since I was looking for an alarm, not a clock. I would like to find one like the HTC Sense, where it's a clock (with weather) but when you tap the clock it opens in to set alarms or a timer
  6. MooN

    MooN Well-Known Member

    Fancy Widgets. Looks just like the HTC Sense one and you can set whatever program to open by tapping different parts of the widget. Best of all, it's free. It's the one I use.

    There's a couple of others but you have to pay. Like Beautiful Widgets, HD Widgets, etc.
  7. Droid.Incredible

    Droid.Incredible Well-Known Member

    [On HTC] I've gotten so used to tapping on the clock on the home screen to get the alarm, but not with the GS3 (it takes you to the weather). But yeah, you have to use the "Clock" app to get to the alarm.
  8. Doit2it

    Doit2it Well-Known Member Contributor

    And world clock, and stopwatch, and timer, and desk clock.

    Go figure...

    +1 for Beautiful Widgets
    After setup, just tap the clock area and the clock app opens.
    Also, just tap the date to open the calendar app!
  9. hal1

    hal1 Well-Known Member

    I downloaded it. Is it suppose to open the alarm or clock when you tap on the clock portion? It doesnt seem to be doing it
  10. MooN

    MooN Well-Known Member

    Which did you download? Fancy Widgets? If so, it should open the clock, which does have the alarm in it. But I believe by default, you have to tap the hour. If you tap the minutes, it goes into the settings. Are you saying that nothing happens when you tap on it?

    The cool thing about Fancy Widgets is that you can program it to open whatever app you want by tapping on the different parts of the widget. To set it up, go into Fancy Widgets settings, then to "advanced settings". There you can configure your tap settings for programs.
  11. liteon163

    liteon163 Well-Known Member

    I picked up Gentle Alarm back when it was the Amazon Free App of the Day. It has a lot of options that took me quite awhile to figure out, but now it's the only alarm I use. I even have Beautiful Widgets set up to open the app when I touch the time.
  12. hal1

    hal1 Well-Known Member

    Dunno' what I did. Working now, thanks
  13. hal1

    hal1 Well-Known Member

    This part is hella cool. It allow you to save space for like 6 other apps on the screen.
  14. artman540

    artman540 Well-Known Member

    You have an alarm widget where you can set 4 alarms and have them on your home.
  15. rage151

    rage151 Member

    +1 for Gentle Alarm. I did the same thing with Amazon. Used it ever since and love it. I do wish the S3 came with a nice clock for night viewing tho.

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