I can't get rid of this annoying SMS ringtone

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    Feb 25, 2013
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    I had an issue earlier today with my mp3's appearing multiple times. I fixed this by flushing media storage using Settings > Applications > All > Media Storage > Clear Data (I found that by Googling & it drew me here for the answer :thumb: )

    Since then, any incoming messages via SMS & What's App had this annoying synthetic double-ring ringtone. What's App I sorted quite easily but SMS...the thing won't shut up until I read the message. I have tried changing the alert tone but this has had no effect.

    This is on my S2 which is running 4.0.4. I have not rooted it & Kies has not made an upgrade available yet..
    I have tried rebooting the phone, turning off & removing the battery & SIM but the annoying persistent ringtone will not go away.

    Any suggestions are welcome.


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