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  1. poblanomx

    poblanomx New Member


    I have a problem with my lenovo ideapad K1, suddenly when i connect my earphones, I can't hear anything, all the sounds and music i can hear in the tablet audio system. I checked the audio connector and it looks ok. I tried to check the audio driver but i didn't find anything about to solve this.

    Any idea or suggestion?


  2. technicalguy

    technicalguy Member

    You've tried different headphones I presume - just to be sure?
    This may be a warranty issue.
  3. poblanomx

    poblanomx New Member

    I did it. I use a different earphones and I receive the same result.

    Any suggestion?

  4. technicalguy

    technicalguy Member

    There's no setting that I'm aware of that disables the headphone jack. If you can hear sounds normally then it would seem you have a faulty headphone jack. Call Lenovo Support is your only option.

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