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  1. kbkyj

    kbkyj New Member


    I am in trouble about U8180(android 2.3.7) imported from China.
    The Google application is not installed in these U8180 at all.

    Therefore, I installed "Google Store" by APK file.
    Install was finished normally.

    And I tried to use Google Store.

    Then, dialog box was displayed.I had to input google account.
    And I tapped ok buton at dialog box.

    Then, the screen has returned to the home.

    I tried several times.
    However, the result was the same.

    Would you advise me on the evasion measure?

  2. nu2andy

    nu2andy Well-Known Member

    Hi, have you used V3.8.17 Google Play Apk?
    Some Rooted / Rommed units have also had problems accepting Play Store Apk.

    There were bugs in earlier versions apparently and the latest version is supposed to fix them. Neil.

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