I cant install custom rom on my x10 mini pro. Help?

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  1. ltgoob

    ltgoob New Member

    Hey there. I cant seem to install a custom Rom for my x10 mini pro.
    I've rooted my phone, installed clockworkmod recovery and I can enter the recovery. However, when i try to install it, this is what the console said.
    (update.zip is froyocomb by the way...)
    - - Installing: /sdcard/update.zip
    Finding update package...
    Opening update package...
    Installing update...
    Installation aborted .

    Help please?

  2. Ygarian

    Ygarian Member

    It's usually a good idea to do a factory reset and Davlik cache wipe before and after installing. Also, make sure that you have the required firmware version.
    If all else fails, try cyanogen.

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