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I can't install newly purchased apps i receive Error 404.

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  1. Andima

    Andima Well-Known Member

    Yesterday i purchased Tasker android app for my Sony Ericsson xperia mini phone. When i try to download it i receive

    "Error Takser could not be downloaded due to and error. (403)"

    Then i thought, it may be a market app (Play store) temporary issue. So i clear its cache and data, and again i received this error. But Google already charged that amount in my card.

    If i visit Google play store android market, using a desktop web browser, i can can see, i already purchased this app. So why is that.

    These are few screen shots.

    ***I already used their trial version***




  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Hello Andima.

    Android Market is undergoing a change in name to Google Play (http://www.nbr.co.nz/article/android-market-relaunched-google-play-sa-112150). Those errors are being reported in waves all across the Android device spectrum and is related to Gmail. There is discussion at the Google Support area, but no resolution has been offered as of this post.

    It seems to be intermittent and not seen by all users.

    Hoping others will chime in who've found a remedy or workaround. For now the alternative Android apps sites may work, such as AppBrain.

    Top Android Apps and Games in the Android Market | AppBrain.com
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  3. Andima

    Andima Well-Known Member

    Thanks friend your information. But some people say that other apps store not receive apps update regularly? Is it correct?
  4. Andima

    Andima Well-Known Member

    Yesterday i again purchased another app and i successfully install it.
  5. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Good! :)
  6. Andima

    Andima Well-Known Member

    Now everything OK. I think its Google issue and looks like they fix it.

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