I cant open the phone. Please help.Support

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  1. Cursed Chico

    Cursed Chico Well-Known Member

  2. Cursed Chico

    Cursed Chico Well-Known Member

    I can go into cwm mode but only if it is connected to the computer. I wiped all data but i cant mount sd card, it gives the error : cant mount /sdcard

    So i cant apply update or backup or restore. And cwm is green now but before it was yellow.

    I went into the pink screen mode and changed the recovery.img with cyanagen mod's image.

    Please help me, all i wanted to do was increasing the size of phone storage, and the to install the new room..
  3. Cursed Chico

    Cursed Chico Well-Known Member

    I could open the phone, but it was like how i bought first time. So i again went to cwm mode, and formatted everything, it still couldnot mount sd card. I tried to open phone now it shows blue screen, i think everything was gone :( I looked on pc, there are no files. Now what to do?
  4. nu2andy

    nu2andy Well-Known Member

    Hi CC, have you taken out the battery - then re-installed battery after 20-30 seconds and start phone by VOL + and POWER buttons and keep holding them till phone vibrates?
    After a few seconds you should get an exclamation point inside a triangle and a 3D Android followed by the Boot Menu.
    Now you can select wipe data/factory reset. (use Vol + Vol - to select and Power button to start selection).
    DON"T select 'wipe cache partition' or you will "BRICK" your phone.
    Your phone should return to as new state. You should then be able to mount SD card and locate your backup. Neil.

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