I Can't Play Songs From Sd Card on Samsung Galaxy S3General

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  1. skatejake51

    skatejake51 Member

    I can't play songs through my SD card. I had to move the songs to mny internal memory. Any tips?

  2. ronbien

    ronbien Well-Known Member

    Can the music app see the songs on the EXT SD card?
    They have to be in a folder named "music", I think.
    Good luck!
  3. quickaudi

    quickaudi Well-Known Member Contributor

    Put them back on SD card, then restart phone to refresh the file system
  4. antoniom93

    antoniom93 New Member

    If you are using KIES as I do its pretty easy. Plug in your phone, go the sync tab, scroll down to the multimedia part, then in Music select "Select a Device Folder" then choose any folder you want on your SD card. Hope this helps :D

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