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Support I cant seem to get an Lg Optimus Driver. Help!

  1. Misslillie213

    Misslillie213 Member

    :confused: Ok so im new to the android thing. I just wanna root my phone but i cant because my pc wont install the drivers needed for my phone. Any ideas? :confused:

  2. jeffzz421

    jeffzz421 Well-Known Member

    LG Optimus M USB Driver - LG Cell Phones Blog

    Right under the annoying ad up top u can see where it says download lg usb driver for optimus M. Its a direct link to the file.

    Btw, don't be shy with that thanks button if it helped you :).
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  3. ChazzMatt

    ChazzMatt Well-Known Member

    it's on LG's site in plain view under the Optimus M.

    here's the direct download link from LG:

    which you can find in this thread:

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