I cant swipe to unlock my lg marqueeSupport

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  1. jswizz

    jswizz New Member

    I can only unlock the screen when i first boot the phone,but once I lock the phone and try to unlock it again it wont let me swipe to unlock. I tried to switch it to pin unlock but it also does the same thing. Someone please help :(.

  2. jswizz

    jswizz New Member

  3. Phrant1c

    Phrant1c Well-Known Member

    What rom are you on? Sounds like a bad flash. Once you flash the wipe and the phone boots its best to let it sit 10 minutes to stabilize
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  4. jswizz

    jswizz New Member

    im actually using the stock rom and I've used ctmod as well and i have the same problem which also includes a very laggy keyboard

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