I can't turn on my zte racer II...General

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  1. sarenboja

    sarenboja New Member

    It all started when the app called Viber started saying that it is crashing. I decided to restart the phone, so I turned it off. I decided to turn it on a few moments later, but then all the problems started. I couldn't do it. It just showed a green android logo and stayed like that. I couldn't turn it off and I had to take the battery out. I left it out for about two hours, placed it back in and still nothing. I've tried shut down+volume down button but it just shows android logo and exclamation mark in a triangle. What should I do?

  2. Stormbay

    Stormbay New Member

    May be I can help you.
    First of all you need to download Android SDK from intrenet. Then you need to flash yours phone recovery manager [ you see now android logo and exclamation mark in a triangle].
    I will upload back up from my phone[ it is the same but it is from Serbia telecom and don't know will it lock your sim but it should not]
    When you install SDK go to C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools
    In this folder you should see little file called 'fastboot'.
    Then go to Start\run and enter "cmd'. Win terminal should appear.
    In terminal enter this command cd C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools.
    Now copy file cwm_recovery_racer2.img to this folder.
    Turn off your phone. Press power button and volume + button for 5-10 sec, connect your phone and computer with usb cable. If copm ask for drivers you should install it.
    When everything is set in terminal enter command fastboot, then fastboot flash recovery cwm_recovery_racer2.img [note that file cwm_recovery_racer2.img must be in C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools]. wait for 8 s and you should see done message.
    Now you need to copy folder clockwork to your sd card.
    diskonect phone from usb, turn it off, press power button and volume - button for 10-15 sec and if everything go well you will see black screen with some options. Go to back up and restore using volume buttons and confirm with Home button. Then go to restore and pick folder that appears and that it restore will begin.
    My system has root so if you don't wont you can use unlock root to delete it...
    This phone have problem with drivers so i recomend you to install unlockroot
    and from Start\all programs\unlosk root\ install driver[ you will see it]

    files you need:
    New Folder.rar download - 2shared
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  3. unik85

    unik85 New Member

    can't you tell me that step use img file about problem sarenhoja problem too, because i don;t understand that step
  4. Ferr

    Ferr New Member

    Thank you. This really helped me
  5. DanecSVK

    DanecSVK New Member


    i had the same problem, i used this tutorial, but when i turn on my phone then it is turn off. it showing only zte logo for about 10 secs and then is it turn off
  6. asmet

    asmet Member

    heloo...zdravo treba mi pomoc jas sam sje.. telefon zte raver2 dao si neko objasnene tu ali nemogu da napravim ono treba mi pomoc mozes li malo bolje da objasnis to na srbski posto jas sam iz makedonija ali dobro razumem srbski...ili daj napravi video na youtube pa da vidim bolje kako to ide ono so cmd mi nije jasno sve drugo mislim da sam dobro napravio daj molimte pomagaj nesto ostao sam bez telefon hvala unapred pozzz

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