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  1. Skizr420

    Skizr420 Member

    My friend makes a lot of videos with their HTC evo 3d. When I download then and try watching them I get an error. I'm trying to find the exact message it shows but until then does anyone have any idea? They are .mov files.

  2. Tman5293

    Tman5293 Well-Known Member

  3. lorenabraho

    lorenabraho New Member

    i see they playing but i cant see the image, nor cant hear the sound. i guess i've deleted anything in system i don't know. please help!
  4. lorenabraho

    lorenabraho New Member

    p.s i,ve try downloading video players in google store bt still same thing, i see them playing but no image, no sound, same happens in youtube videos and other sites :(

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