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  1. jwells1953

    jwells1953 New Member

    While I'm not a "rookie" with Android, I am kinda stymied by an issue with my new(ish) Lenovo S2109A (yes, I know this is the 2010 area, but there's not an area for the 2109....yet). The device has a slot for a Micro-SD card, and I have a 16Gb chip installed. The issue is that I have absolutely no idea how to move any of my data to it. If anyone out there in Android-land has one of these tablets and knows how to move things to the SD card, I could use the help.

    App2SD is of no help whatsoever....I get a message that my SD storage is "not present or emulated".
    I know it's there, and I have no idea what "emulated" means in this context.

  2. cloyd

    cloyd Member

    Maybe I am telling you something you already know . . . but is the card mounted? Settings-->Storage can help and should allow you to mount if it is not already

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