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  1. Eleria13

    Eleria13 Member

    I did something really dumb. I accidentally deleted the media storage on my phone. All the files are still there, I just have to go to the files folder to view them. Yes, I did root my phone by following a video on Youtube, but the back up isn't working. I don't know anything about adb or abd or whatever that thingy is. :( Any help would be greatly appreciated because I am not very good with technology. I've read other things that say I need the original files but every time I try to download the zip file, it stops and says it was interrupted.

  2. Eleria13

    Eleria13 Member

    Okay, I downloaded a system app dump zip file, but I don't know what to with the files. I dragged them onto my phone and nothing happened. :confused: Can anyone tell me what I need to do or what I did wrong?
  3. Eleria13

    Eleria13 Member

    Well, I doesn't matter anymore, my phone got stolen. So yep, don't need to know this anymore.

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