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  1. Watchinufrap

    Watchinufrap Active Member

    I've had it for some time, and i really don't like it, it's very slow and the layout really annoys me, i have big fingers and typing is particularly painful.

    I do not like how slow the browser is, and everything can come down to one fact.

    This phone is running software meant for phones with a standard that this phone does not meet with technical requirements.

    I post this to advise people considering the Wildfire to consider these factors.

    If you have large fingers, you will find this phone frustrating to use, the shortcut buttons are especially close to the side of the keyboard or bottom depending on the way you hold your phone.
    and they are very sensitive and nothing is more annoying than having your typing disrupted by them becoming pressed accidentally.

    If you want a phone to play Flash, don't get this one you will be wasting your money, Flash is traditionally demanding on processors so this phone is not optimized to play it, it still can, but expect it to be slow.
    Go read the reviews on various sites.

    Youtube, This phone has limited buffer space, playback has been very sketchy it reminds me of non smartphone video streaming and playback.

    Games, Games are very slow and the framerate lags.

    And above all, unless you want to spend allot of time tinkering with this phone to correct it's inherent flaws, DON'T GET IT, if you buy one anyway and intend to fix it, keep one thing in mind, you cannot fix everything, this phone is entry level and cheap it is cheap because it has simpler and less powerful parts.

    If you are used to Iphone OS quality, this phone is not for you, if your used to higher end Smartphones like the N7 N8 or Desire or Galaxy this is not for you.

    The fact is, it may be worth while investing the money in a more expensive phone but you will find that it is an investment that will make you a more satisfied customer at the end of the day.
    Wildfire is an outdated model and probably not in production anymore as the Wildfire S is the next gen model, which is slightly better but still not perfect, it's only a few hundred mhz more powerful than it's predecessor.

    Hope this helps people tempted by cheap phones who do not know the specs, i will allways urge you all to read the specs.

  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Reading the specs prior to making a purchase is a smart thing to do. But the smartest is to spend some time with the devices you're considering, in the store. Play with them.. pretend like you own each one and put them through their paces. Bring up an app that needs text input, see how your fingers fit the keyboard, etc. ;)

    I think there would be fewer regrets about what's been purchased if more people did this.
  3. Watchinufrap

    Watchinufrap Active Member

    I actually did that, but i was playing with the Wildfire S
    I did do watch and read some reviews but they focused on nit picks not the major problems!

    Also no Wildfire's were on display for me to play around with, also i was pressed for time i needed a new phone, i wanted a smartphone and i had a budget.
    But now, i think i will sell it or get a refund at this point because i cannot do anything i want to do on this phone it just feels cheap and nasty and i recommend people stay the hell away from it unless they know exactly what they are going to get and understand that it's going to be really crap, especially if you've seen what good smartphones are like.

    Good video on the Pro's and Cons.
    HTC Wildfire- pros and cons - YouTube

    In short, the HTC Wildfire has too many Con doms.

    HTC can help improve customer relations by not building irredeemable shyt to begin with!
    And i just found out they have WAY too many models, compared to other phones like say the Galaxy, the Galaxy S and the Galaxy S II the difference is a real quantum leap.

    I think i might have to try Samsung or Motorola i might even save up for an Iphone 4 since i found out you can have your flash and play it too with a alternative web browser.
  4. vosg

    vosg Well-Known Member

    Try before you buy.
  5. futekme

    futekme New Member

    I brought it so I could start testing out my android apps but I think for the price it is not bad , The only really annoying thing is the flash issue with BBC iplayer
  6. StratosWRC

    StratosWRC Well-Known Member

    In the UK the Wildfire cost about
  7. scarrabri

    scarrabri New Member

    Hi very good video my friend and it just about sums the wildfire up ,its the first android for me ,and it is total rubbish by anyones standards ,oh to have waited,and bought a proper one ,roll om xmas so as to buy another sort.
  8. Watchinufrap

    Watchinufrap Active Member

    Stores here is Buy before you Try because they don't allow rainchecks and Phones like the Wildfire Samsung Gio Nokia E7 Mini or whatever it's called
    Are allways either non functional dummies or all boxed.
    I tried the Wildfire S it seemed okay, but on closer examination it's small screen makes typing efficiently a pain in the ass.

    Flash doesn't work very well on either Wildfires i did a comparison and loaded the same flash videos, they have such an appalling frame rate, and thing is, the stuff i was watching was made back when it used to be MACROMEDIA Flash, like stuff made in the 90's and early 2004
    the processor on the phones just cannot run it efficiently, and that's something about Flash when i used to make content was that it was very small in it's file size (excluding rich content such as sound or integrated video (Mpg or AVI) content, but it does tend to chew a bit of CPU power to render it's content.

    I read about basic stuff on improving it's processor by cutting out unnecessary background functions, but they did not make much difference, the keyboard still annoys me.
    Games play slow, Angry birds is sometimes unplayable. the framerate is sketchy.

    There's a program on the forums which supposedly fixes this by allowing you to change the resolution output, but i want to know what the malware status is on the app.

    I'm still having doubts about whether or not Android is for me, it all seems too vulnerable being semi open sourced, and since a Mobile Phone is such a personal item which people tend to entrust allot of personal info about themselves, their logins activities, usage and contacts and email, the risk of compromise of an android system is just.. too uncomfortable.
    and the sometimes hobson's choice with google connectivity is most unwelcome.
    As for Antivirus, well.. i can imagine a long debate going on with that, and on a Wildfire more background programs means less CPU capacity free.

    The only good things i will say about the Wildfire is that it's nicely built, it has a solid design, the camera is sweet, and it's a handy pocket friendly phone, but let down by it's limitations of a below ghz processor and the OS not being optimized for it's specs.
    It's only really recommendable as a cheap devkit for someone who likes writing apps and widgets and needs a disposable phone to test them on.

    It will impress someone who has not used a smartphone before, but someone like me who has had an Ipad and also sampled the IOS will not be impressed with the Wildfire, If it was a bit more powerful and it's software was ported to make use of it's sources for a decent but lite Android experience it would be something more recommendable.

    For the time being, i am back to the drawing board with trying to figure out what mobile out of hundreds is right for me.
  9. ORA

    ORA Well-Known Member

    But then you down graded, what were you expecting. Nothing wrong with the Wildfire. Does what it says it does, nothing more , nothing less.
    If i down grade from a motor bike to a bicycle , i cant complain it doent have the power.
  10. ChryzaorFlux

    ChryzaorFlux Well-Known Member

    Well I agree with with Watchinufrap (lol at name) but to an extent
    At first i was amazed at the Wildfire with it variety of features e.g. camera, browsing speed, appearance, size
    Then after a few months of use after my apps accumulated, i noticed its performance significantly decrease, there wasnt much games i could play that didnt lag, i tried to live with it free up phone memory
    Weeks later i decided that something needed to be done to increase its performance, so i did some research. I managed to improve my Wildfire's speed with 50MB+ phone memory, but i still felt it should be faster, and me who loves games i couldnt stand games lagging.
    I decided to root my Wildfire and now im content with it, from 528MHz to 786MHz, greatly improved its performance.
    To sum that all up, only buy a Wildfire if you have cash lying around and want to learn about the capabilities of the Android OS. If you dont then dont waste your money on this phone.
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  11. Watchinufrap

    Watchinufrap Active Member

    Android is watching you fap.

    Well what does the Wildfire claim it could do?
    I saw reviews the things they complained was SNCA (S**t nobody cares about) like "the camera is not as nice as the Desire"
    and "screen resolution is not as nice as the Desire" everything else was nitpicks.

    I dunno if my phone is defective or anything but when i finally got my Sim activated and went online i found basic internet browsing uncomfortable and Typos are allways going to happen for me because the keyboard keeps slowing down while i type.
    I turned off all the autocorrect and word suggestions.
    I used the Launcherpro to change the resolution, i dunno where that app went it's nowhere to be found now, i just went back to old HTC sense and it's gone i cannot find it

    Rooting seems attractive, but i have concerns, as rooting means taking away security functions, i am not a coding expert and do not have allot of time to spare for this,
    i just find even the simplest things such as typing an email, VERY painful, typos its slow it's buggy i have to type VERY VERY SLOWLY otherwise it just lags and ends up registering
    "Hey i am back how are you?" as "Hey am baelhor arwyoi/"

    and i hate when i scroll and it takes seconds to respond, oh and when i zoom in or resize it's only like once or twice where it's actually responded, i can pinch the screen over and over again and it takes 15 seconds or so before it finally responds.
    Not to mention when i play Angry birds it's all choppy, even with the output changed to 420p if that's what it was if i remember it correctly, it still does not seem to have improved it much.

    I dunno about the CPU reading, i cannot read it correctly but i mean, i don't have many apps at all running, i disabled allot of unnecessary crap and removed redundant widgets, still slow still intolerable, and according to the specs readings whatevers running on the android OS doesn't even seem to be using that much memory anyway.

    Oh and the screen takes a long time before switching from horizontal to vertical.
    Has anybody else experienced this?
    i think if you had some time to experience my Wildfire you would understand why i am mad with HTC they should be fined for this! they probably have no customer call center just to avoid complaints just like this!

    EDIT: Just thought i should elaborate with browser being slow, typing in fields tends to be very slow to respond, also pressing on screen buttons sometimes takes more than 2 presses it's all to do with the browser not working very snappily because of the hardware possibly.
    The connection is not the issue, only the mobile unmetered mobile websites can be viewed reasonably but not perfectly well, stuff like facebook mobile is very jittery and not at all smooth, it's just an all around unpleasant mobile experience, when i buy a watered down phone i was hoping for watered down resolutions and graphics so that the smoothness and speed of apps is not affected by the cheaper hardware, similar to how a Console game has watered down graphic quality and resolution detail to allow for a game that can be played properly despite the dated hardware.

    It's better to play Bioshock at 30 fps with a 20% graphical quality decrease than full on graphics and an 18 frames per second framerate that is inconsistent.
  12. Harish Harris

    Harish Harris Well-Known Member

    So now i know HTC Wildfire S is really an improved version.
    I have never experienced so much slowness on my phone as you mentioned. Even i browse many sites, watch videos, but havent experienced so much of slowness.
    Also the buttons work very well, no lag and wont take long to respond.
    And also no problem with screen switching from vertical to horizontal view.
    This phone supports quite a good number of games too which can be played without any lag.
    I just like this phone, a good device for its price.
  13. Watchinufrap

    Watchinufrap Active Member

    Harris you and i should talk, if your Wildfire worked excellently out of the box and still does that is news to me, because mine has been pretty intolerable and it pisses me off because it could have been a phone that would be perfect for it's price range, but i just cannot stand using it.

    Wildfire S is only like 100mhz faster last i checked the specs, i wouldn't buy it because it sells for over twice as much as the original at the shops here.
    they want to sell it to you on a plan.
    Personally i just don't like the smaller screen, the keyboard is smaller than ever, it's smoother and all, but it's too small.
    I might go for a Legend or Desire :)

    Did you know WebOS might end up on HTC phones? that would be sweet.
  14. Harish Harris

    Harish Harris Well-Known Member

    Hmm... My phone has been working good. I wanted a smaller and a pocketable phone. So i went with the Wildfire S.
    If you want a better phone and if money is not a matter then you can go for the Desire S. That phone is really good.
    WebOS might end up on HTC phones? I have no idea about this. And why is that?
  15. Watchinufrap

    Watchinufrap Active Member

    It's good that you've had a satisfying experience, hows the keyboard working for you? do you have big fingers? i find that typing is very distracting, like i have to be sitting down and focusing entirely on it, when i am writing an email or typing some field i find that my view of what i am typing get's obscured and because of the phone not keeping up with my keypresses and lagging behind i often end up with lots of typos even if i was being careful about which key i pressed and it still messes up.

    WebOS might end up on HTC phones because last week HP shutdown production of their WebOS powered hardware, and it's likely that another phone manufacturer might pickup a contract with HP to have WebOS and it may be HTC since Samsung has it's own OS and Google bought Motorola.
    Also Nokia has Simbian so, really it could be either LG or HTC running WebOS which will help distinguish themselves from other phones.
    Allot of people have been eager for an Incredible or Legend with WebOS.
  16. Harish Harris

    Harish Harris Well-Known Member

    Hmm.. Even i find it bit difficult using the phone for texts. But the intellisense really helps me out with this. Also have to concentrate on the keyboard while typing. But i don't mail much using my phone except for any urgency.
    And thanks for the update regarding WebOS :)
  17. Watchinufrap

    Watchinufrap Active Member

    Ah i see,
    And does angry birds work well? everyone i know can only play it decently by overclocking.

    I'm trying to decide between an Iphone a Desire or a HD7 with Windows 7
    apparently the core android OS is safe it's just that the marketplace is where all the nasties are that can end up turning your phone into a spam/scam marketers dream come true.
  18. Harish Harris

    Harish Harris Well-Known Member

    Ya i have all the versions of Angry Birds on my phone. They work pretty well, except for light jitter sometimes.
    I would suggest you go with the Desire S or an incredible S. You will love them.
  19. Watchinufrap

    Watchinufrap Active Member

    Light jitters is not the problem i face, i find the game lags HORRIBLY in most circumstances, especially later levels, the framerate drops and if you have to time the special ability of the bird you are using at a moment down to the second, the problem is the framerate might skip that moment, and or you touch the screen but it registers the touch latently by 3 seconds hence F**king up your well placed aim.

    I won't touch the Wildfire S it still doesn't support flash well and the vendors sell it atop an extra 200$ so it's like 528$ or so outright.
    They sell em on plans usually, and the only reason it's predecessor is 100$ cheaper was because it's locked to the network.

    As for the Incredible, got some good reviews? :3 i was looking at the desire S or W7P HD7 the only thing about the Incredible is how it's got a weird boxy bevel on it's back.
  20. rpgmaker

    rpgmaker Active Member

    I don't think this HTC critique is accurate. The HTC wildfire is an entry level model. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who has ever owned an iPhone for example because I know that it just wouldn't be for them. This phone is for people that probably didn't have an smartphone before and didn't have that much money to spend on one: like me (and probably most Wildfire users).

    For example, now I know that it probably makes sense to have a smartphone with a phisical keyboard (I hear that Samsung is about to release some good smartphone with physical keyboard options). I haven't factured in all the pros and cons of one against the other but I will definitely do before my next smartphone.

    That being said, here are my real beefs against HTC. Their media sucks, I thought it sucked because the HTC wildfire is their "newbie" phone but apparently the Desire users have the same Music application that I have, and it's as slow as mine is which is a problem in all their media apps including the Gallery, it's like their media apps fetch the data store every time you click something instead of just "fetching" it once which it results in a noticeably slow response but fine, there are other media apps which is the beauty of android (PlayerPro being the mest media player app out there!! Kudos to the devs! Worth every cent).

    Something that sucks: the phone "hangs" and restart itself (or you have to restart it) periodically (on a weekly basis most of the time for me) which I think it's an Android OS fault since I have a friend with a Droid that also has this problem. This is why I really know that android isn't a better OS than iOS.

    And contrary to OP I think that the browser is one of the best feature of the wildfire. Is fast and it really just works. Browsing the web on it is great, not difficult to read or browse almost any page.

    No reviews ever mentioned this (and I did read most reviews out, I even used google news to find the newest ones) and given that the pros are more than the cons I can live with this, specially given the phone that I used to own was a SE w200 :D but now I know a lot about Android, smartphones in general and I will surely reap the benefit of this on my next smartphone purchase. I will probably go with Samsung next time, they just don't seem to suck that much and HTC Sense seems slow in general.
  21. chandugnt

    chandugnt Member

    Hey buddy!! could u please tell me Pros and Cons of rooting,

    M also a HTC Wildfire user (V 2.2.1)... m a bit upset with the speed of my games.
    and also framelag :(
    does rooting sllo me play better games???
  22. Harish Harris

    Harish Harris Well-Known Member

    Hmm.. Even i won't recommend Wildfire S since you already own a Wildfire. You can also check out HTC Desire HD. I dont know much about the phone, but by looking at the specs, i think the phone rocks.
  23. aslam20091

    aslam20091 New Member

    i am currently wildfire user but i want to buy new cell,which one would you guys recommend for me ?,as i have very limited budget !
  24. rpgmaker

    rpgmaker Active Member

    I used to be a widlfire user but I own a Samsung Captivate now. It's a fairly solid (and relatively cheap) choice in the Samsung Galaxy series. BUT it is quite "big" compared to the Wildfire, to the point of being sometimes difficult to manage the phone with just one hand (as I am used to, and as every phone should be able to be used IMHO). I don't know how other people manage to use a 4.3"+ phone (maybe they just have huge hands...) but to me the Captivate's size is exactly on the line defining what should be a cellphone's maximum size. Hope this helps.
  25. Driftfog

    Driftfog Well-Known Member

    I recently purchased a second hand Wildfire for

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