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i downloaded youtube apk. not working says needs wifi but its already onSupport

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  1. chicagos773

    chicagos773 New Member

    i downloaded youtube apk. and youtube isnt playing on my motorola i1
    it says connect to wifi . but i am connected to wifi

  2. iiTTTGii

    iiTTTGii Well-Known Member

    Have you tried just turning the phone on and off probably just needs to reboot

  3. Massimo11

    Massimo11 New Member

    Im having the same problem with my i1. Cant download youtube app or angry birds or launcher pro. As a matter of fact there are alot of apps that just are not compatible with either the phone or its software which is the worthless 1.5. Havent heard of any updates for software either, starting to regret paying 400 dollars for an outdated phone.
  4. edubble79

    edubble79 Active Member

    its "half baked" at least thats what mark over at the motorola forums calls it, it has parts of 2.1 baked into a 1.5 system. only phone I know of with these characteristics. basically it allows you to view and download some 2.1 compatible apps and then when the install fails you know its not your destiny and the frustration mounts so you went to a forum and here we all are!
  5. iiTTTGii

    iiTTTGii Well-Known Member

    if you want i could post a link to my dropbox and you can download the youtube.apk I use. It actually works when connected to wifi.
    If your not all that trusting you can always search it on rapidshare.com.

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