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i dropped my samsung moment in water!!Support

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  1. acebudad

    acebudad Member

    i dropped my samsung in water a few months ago (i just found it last week lol) and i tried to turn it on but the screen doesnt turn on but the sound and the keyboard work!!! is there a way i can fix it??

  2. jasonacg

    jasonacg Well-Known Member

    If it happened a few months ago, and it's been sitting that way for this long, probably not. Odds are that corrosion has gotten to part of the circuitry.

    Probably time to give the Moment a proper burial.
  3. starxpilot

    starxpilot Well-Known Member

    Only way to salvage is to take it apart, something pretty advanced...
  4. Vorless DarkChaos

    Vorless DarkChaos Well-Known Member

    You should have been more careful with your samsung moment. it is strange how you lost it so easy without knowning.

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