I feel so bricked today (32B just shows splash screen)

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  1. Hi all!

    That's what I have or better had the last time I could see it:

    HBOOT-1.33.2005 (SAPP10000)
    Apr 20 2009,15:30:43

    It was a german vodafone branded 32B with donut and not rooted of course.

    I tried to flash the RADIO to version 2_22_19_26I with cyanogen-recovery 1.4, because I read that RADIO- does not suit the 32B. I did that for it turned out that I had flashed it somehow into a 32A which is not what I had in mind.
    Now I can't start into flashback or recovery or Cupcake. No hard- or softreset, no volume down & power, no adb devices.

    In the beginning I had to use a goldcard and perform a downgrade to 1.5 in order to flash the cm-recovery with flashrec. I was able to change the SPL to 1.33.2005 as you can see. After trying amon-ra's recovery it was clear that it was however 32A-ized, because I had to use the H version and not the G one. Subsequently the 32B ROMs didn't work. I saw that other people confused their 32B in the same way and that they flashed the RADIO.

    The question now is: Is it really really bricked or do I have a last chance? A trick a havn't read about so far?

    Thanx for any hint! If there's no hope then this thread may help others to avoid a disaster :(

    electric-sheep (reloaded)

  2. Hi,

    sad but true. After reading tons of threads at xda-developers I come to the conclusion that there is no way to bring it back to life. At least not for mortals like me. It is not 100% dead though, because the LED is still orange or green or blue (after starting it with trackball pressed). But there is no reaction from a PC regarding USB.

    But I think i do know now what went wrong at first place. I put this one as goldcard.img on the SD: ROM v2.53.707.2 (Engineerings SPL v1.33.2010) - MD5 : F9674D19BE5F949D0D9DC99714D210E3. Alas it is for 32A devices and so I turned my 32B into a 32A-ish 32B. :eek:

    All right, then next level, which is poking the phone shop's service :cool:

  3. They just gave me a another phone :D!
    Then I did everything like it has to be and now I am happy with the latest cyanogen-mod and RA-recovery (for 32B of course).


  4. nobbynator

    nobbynator New Member

    I've done exactly the same thing (idiot!!) wished I'd found this thread before I started, thanks for putting your info up. At least I've learnt from this.

    Back to the shop for me then, fingers crossed.

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