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I finally rooted my T-Mobile SGH-T679 2.3.6.

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  1. usmc03retired

    usmc03retired Member

    Seven screens of apps have been reduced to two and a half. But

  2. motorapido

    motorapido Member

    I am far from an expert on this, but here is a quick possible fix. Boot into recovery. Scroll down to Advanced and select Advanced. Then select Fix Permissions.

    You said you rooted. Did you simply root, or install a custom rom and kernel? If you installed a custom ROM and kernel you will likely need to install a new, special gapps for the playstore and other basic system apps to work. Lots of info on that on the xda forum for the exhibit ii phone.

    But first, try reboot to recovery, Advanced, Fix Permissions.

    Good luck and report back with results.
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  3. usmc03retired

    usmc03retired Member

    When I go into recovery and press the lower left I get a list of programs/apps but there isn't any "Advanced." In fact if I highlight a list item and press 'home' it just goes back to the list and it doesn't act.

    Obviously I'm doing something wrong. I still get the pop-up 'email stopped unexpectedly.' I know that!
  4. motorapido

    motorapido Member

    Do you have ClockworkMod Recovery on your phone? If so, turn off phone. Depress the VOLUME UP key and Power key simultaneously. After white SAMSUNG word appears, release the keys. It should boot into Clockwork Mod Recovery and you will see very small words in blue on a black screen. Scroll down to ADVANCED using the volume down key. Select ADVANCED by pressing the little house-shaped HOME icon at the very bottom of your screen. Then scroll to Fix Permissions and select it by hitting the house-shaped HOME icon.

    I'm thinking maybe you don't have Clockwork Mod recovery if that's not what you're seeing. Please describe more.
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  5. usmc03retired

    usmc03retired Member

    I do have cwm.6012.t679 on the internal card. Along with Titanium Pro, Busybox, ROM Toolbox lite, Superuser.

    When pressing Vol up and power the screen continues to flash ‘Samsung” and no Recovery. Just once, in many attempts, did Recovery appear but it quickly showed words in yellow then booted.

    In Rom Toolbox Lite I can click on Apps Manager (all apps) the list includes Google Play Store and email and one of the choices is “Fix Permissions” when pressed there is a buzz as if it did something (repair?) but it didn’t.

    There is a method to “Factory Data Reset” but what does this mean? Will all data be erased and reset to factory, or back to T-Mobile bloat apps that would delete the root?

    I appreciate your help. Since your replies I have been trying this and trying that but it appears my cell has programmed itself and refuses to change! Some apps work and some don’t.
  6. FumbleFingers

    FumbleFingers Member

    So what did you have to do to get it rooted; I trying, to root same phone.
  7. captainzen

    captainzen New Member

    How did you finally root that phone please. I would like to know also.
  8. captainzen

    captainzen New Member

    Please explain how you rooted it
  9. DaisFlaque

    DaisFlaque Well-Known Member

  10. DaisFlaque

    DaisFlaque Well-Known Member

    BTW the op does not have cwm. Just a file on his sdcard. Called cwm. (From what I gathered). You all can benefit from the information I just gave ya.

    @OP try to get cwm working in the second link there's another link for clockwork mod recovery. Hit it up and get cwm working. Than flash a new rom. (Being sure to follow all steps outlined in rom thread). This WILL fix your issues.

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