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i fixed my lack of phone memory!

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  1. horridmemory

    horridmemory New Member

    So i just got a new phone because this one only works on wifi and wont accept a sim card so besides using the textplus app and various games its useless as a real phone. i just got a lg optimus logic through straight talk and its internal memory is pretty limited. the funny thing is it came with a 4g sd card but there is virtually nothing it will allow you to put on it. but ive come up with a way around that which has now made my memory limit only limited by my external sd card. i been searching online for days for an answer to that problem and have found nothing helpful so i hope someone finds this and will help them. so heres what i did: i downloaded ES File Explorer on my half broken original samsung captivate galaxy phone and my new lg optimus logic. then i downloaded the apps i wanted on the captivate then used the es file explorer to make backups of all the apps and then bluetoothed the backup files directly to the external sd card on my lg optimus logic and then try to open the files out of the sd card and it gives the option to instal( those apps it says cant be downloaded to the sd card!). before i figured this out i had figured out that i could put the sd card from the new phone in the old phone and use the es file explorer to do the same thing just instead of having to bluetooth you just copy the files to the external sd card on the same phone. i just wanted to add that for anyone who doesnt know how to figure out the bluetooth thing or if they have a phone without bluetooth capabilities. good luck yall!

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  2. horridmemory

    horridmemory New Member

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this kind of thing but i didnt know where to put it.

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