I give up...I'm getting that lardbutt extended battery + door...And maybe mod the standard holsterTips

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  1. biggeekPA

    biggeekPA Member

    I'm sure I'm being sloppy with the Revo's settings. I keep the screen at full brightness because I use it outside in the field quite a bit.

    With GPS, navigation, and a lot of 4G browsing (so fast in the Bay Area!) my Revo gets maybe 6 hours of heavy use with the standard battery.

    Don't get me wrong...I love this phone and it does everything and more that I expect from it. I love the huge, bright battery-sucking display.

    So it's on to the extended battery with the lardbutt rear cover replacement, but there's no LG/Verizon/3rd party holster available for it yet (if ever,) so I'll try to mod the standard case/holster or find some other solution and post the results.

    PS. You can save $15 buying the extended battery + replacement back cover from Amazon instead of Verizon's online store:

    Amazon.com: LG Revolution Extended Battery with Door: Cell Phones & Accessories

  2. sandystorm

    sandystorm Well-Known Member

    6 hours is pretty good for what you do but the extended battery will help you make it through the day better. I turn off background data and auto sync and that helps. A quick refresh on email and mail is there and when going to facebook it's up to date so turning off auto sync and data doesn't mess anything up that I'm needing and battery will go most of day with moderate use
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  3. biggeekPA

    biggeekPA Member

    I must have totally missed those setting when looking for power saving tips. Thanks for giving me the heads-up.
  4. 1of7627

    1of7627 Well-Known Member

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  5. 1of7627

    1of7627 Well-Known Member

    Turning off background data won't work for me as I need to be alerted to incoming mail so I can deal with it promptly. The extended battery works great and lasts all day for me. - MarkC
  6. chuds

    chuds New Member

    --> case solution for LG-Rev with extended battery

    1. At the Verizon store, purchase the two part, hard plastic case - designed for the standard battery. (the case that has the fold out stand)

    2. Discard the shell, that would normally snap onto the phone.

    3. Slide the phone (face in) with extended battery into the 2nd part (receiver section with clip)

    4. Works great!! I have been using it for 4 weeks!

    5. This way, without any effort; one can slide the phone into the car or home dock station. (Both are designed to work with the extended battery)

    6. (side note). The LG Evo car dock "extension" was designed poorly (vibrates). My fix was to use the extension from my previous DroidX car dock and the dock shell for the Revo - Works Great

    Love my Revo
    Best Wished to all !!!
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  7. biggeekPA

    biggeekPA Member

    Yeah, I tried sandystorm's suggestion but it seemed that every time I turned about some app was complaining about it and prompting me to turn background data back on.
  8. biggeekPA

    biggeekPA Member

  9. biggeekPA

    biggeekPA Member

    That's an awesome suggestion. I have that holster/case combo and was thinking that I might need to mod the case in some way to get it to fit...And now you tell me I may not need to use the case at all!

    Still, I've manhandled my Revo enough for me to want the case, so I may take my Dremel to the case and see if I can make it work.

    BTW: I sent an e-mail to LG requesting a holster/case combo for the extended battery. The request is probably futile and the response is probably canned, but what the hell.

    -----------Original Customer Inquiry------------
    Received Date : 07/08/2011 04:19 51
    The type of inquiry : Parts or Accessories
    Product/Model No. : CDMA/LGVS910

    My new LG Revolution from Verizon is excellent, but the battery life from the standard battery is problematic.

    I would love to purchase the "LG Revolution Extended Battery with Door," but there is inexplicably no hard holster that accommodates this like the "LG Revolution Shell Holster Combo" yet.

    Is LG even going to bother providing a similar solution for the standard battery user's "LG Revolution Shell Holster Combo" for people who buy the "LG Revolution Extended Battery with Door?" There seems to be a demand for it by heavy professional LG Revolution users if you read the forums.

    Thanks in advance!

    ------Reply to Your Inquiry-------

    Dear BiggeekPA,

    I will be more than happy to assist you. I will forward your concerns to the appropriate department. Please be patient with us as we do understand your needs for a shell holster combo and battery door for the extended life battery. No guarantee is being made regarding process however your email will be forwarded to the correct department.

    Monica R
    E-Mail Administrator
    Customer Interactive Center
  10. biggeekPA

    biggeekPA Member

    ADDENDUM: If you have the extended battery, or even if you don't, please help a Revo brother out and send a note to LG requesting an extended battery case/holster combo accessory!:D

    LG Electronics Mobilecomm Wireless Accessories
  11. djembeman

    djembeman Well-Known Member

    I haven't tried it with the extended battery, 'cause I don't have it, but the guy at Verizon had the extended battery for his HTC and used the Droid X leather holster. I bought the holster because the shell holster combo did absolutely nothing when my laptop bag worked my phone out of the holster and my phone hit the sidewalk, case popped off and battery fell out. At least the holster holds the phone securely! !!!

    I'm getting pretty close to complaining to Verizon about battery life and see if they'll give me a deal on the extended battery.
  12. biggeekPA

    biggeekPA Member

    So I received the LG Revolution Extended Battery w/ door...And Chud's suggestion was spot-on: The standard Verizon holster clip holds the raw Revo with the extended battery door.

    In fact, the holster holds it almost too well. It's not easily slid out of the holster. One has to goose it out from the bottom of the holster.

    I'm still thinking the case portion of the case/holster combo can be dremelled to fit the extended battery door and the holster's clips can be moved to fit the whole shebang with a hot air gun.

    Sounds like a good Sunday project.

    PS. The extended battery takes longer to charge than the stock battery...Just be aware of that.

    PPS. The texture of the Revo's door/extended battery door is amazing. It feels like rubber, but it's apparently a plastic texturing technique.
  13. biggeekPA

    biggeekPA Member

    I'm unclear about what you described.

    Are you being facetious about the holster?
  14. biggeekPA

    biggeekPA Member

    Wow, The extended battery was really a great idea. I haven't had to worry about power issues at all since I installed it. Full brightness screen and heavy usage all day (even with my nephew playing games on it all day waiting for a delayed flight) and my extended battery hasn't come close to the 1/4 mark.

    Having the extended battery also makes it much easier to miss a charge. If I missed a charge with the standard battery, I'd spend the entire next day scrambling to keep it charged enough to be useful. Now, there's more than enough juice in the extended battery to skip a charge and operate for two days without plugging in.

    The only disadvantage is that it does destroy the clean lines of the phone and make it heavier.

    For those that want to keep the slim profile and swap batteries instead, there's a charging cradle with spare standard battery available:

    Amazon.com: LG Revolution Verizon Wireless Original Desktop Charger / Standard Spare Battery (Retail Packaging): Cell Phones & Accessories
  15. 1of7627

    1of7627 Well-Known Member

    The charger/dock is mentioned in another thread and it's great. Importantly, the extended battery fits in it too though now that I have the charger/dock I don't need the extended battery as often. (Wish they'd done something more imaginative with the bulging back, though.) - MarkC
  16. bIGoLDbEAR

    bIGoLDbEAR New Member

    I would like to address a few comments from above.
    The "EXTENDED BATTERY" is a God Send.

    ;)You can purchase from Verizon Store for 50% off. (STORE, not on-line). They have cut their price due to customer complaints on 4G

    ;)This does NOT allow for protection of the Revolution, when it is being used, outside of the carrier. A "drop" would be disastrous".
    Same applies to the "EVO" case.

    I have designed a REAL LEATHER, HORIZONTAL Holster case, with both BELT LOOPS BELT CLIPS, with magnetic closure and Felt interior, which will fit the LG Revolution with the extended battery and cover.
    I plan to have this made by a friend, a local shoe maker/repair person.

    If you are interested in having one made for yourself, let me know. ALL items are "usually" cheaper when purchased in multiples.

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